Time Control Feature

This is something I think would benefit the game a lot, by being able to rest in a safehouse and set the time to whatever you want would be amazing! I’m sure a lot of players feel the same way, sometimes you just want to go exploring but then it’s too dark and it won’t be morning for another 30 minutes, or you want to go sneaking in the night but have to wait for nearly an hour before it’s actually night.

The optimal way would be to do it like theHunter: Call of the Wild where you can set the clock to whatever time you want. But doing it like Horizon: Forbidden West works fine too where there are set times like morning, day, evening and night.


How would this work in multiplayer? I like the idea but I’m just wondering how it’d work

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The host would be able to control the time but not the guests. That way the server owner can play the way they want and if the guests for some reason wouldn’t want to play with the world’s time settings they could jump into their own game. And having the host be the only one controlling the time would prevent absolute chaos.

Yes, but if the host goes resting in a safehouse and time changes, the time would immediatly change for all other players, whatever they do.

Not very nice.

There could be a small cutscene (with pause) for all which show the time change in a time lapse.
But then this should be limited to one time per hour or something similar.

Would be bad either. Imagine you’re in a battle and suddenly someone changes the time. Cutscene. Day changed to night. Battle goes on.

I get your point but honestly I think that’s a very small issue, in theHunter: Call of the Wild it works fine, sure it is a distinct shift in light when someone changes the time but the change is so short so it doesn’t really affect the gameplay much at all.

A workaround to this could be an option when searching for a multiplayer game, alongside the options for difficulty and language you could have “Allow time change: Yes/No”.

What about the in-game timers for spawning everything?

Those would remain independent of the time change. So if you have 2h and 34 min until a loot box resets, even if you skip time ahead it would still be 2h and 34 min until you can loot that box again.

I would just agree if it just works when all players are at the safehouse (indoor).

That could be an option. Personally I think that limits the host, then the host would need to kick the other players in order to change the time if everyone is doing their own thing. I would rather have a sudden time change than be kicked from the session, but that’s just my opinion.

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Well, this game should be played cooperatively.
That includes communication, taking descitions together, play together.
If there is someone, who don’t do that, he should go anyways.

That’s why I just play the game with friends or alone. No one else. Sad, but there are too many who do just do their own thing.

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With that I can agree, I do the same but sometimes it’s fun to have the game on anybody, sadly you have to turn it off as fast as you turned it on because everyone joining goes straight for your rivals or start a base defence at hard…

But yes assuming that everyone plays cooperatively I can get behind your suggestion that everyone needs to be in the safehouse with the host. But sadly that’s not reality in a lot of cases.

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I don’t usually play coop but when I do I use a separate world from my two character worlds so nobody can take my rival kills or base defense/assault missions because I wipe the world clean and keep no bases there either so if they want a rival they work for it along with the base assault.
I don’t see why it’s a problem for the rivals when you have 4 worlds you can play on.
The time thing is a good idea for single player but not for coop.
It could be automatic on/off depending on if you’re solo playing or if you want to play coop.