Tips for a Photo Mode


I come from the game photo community. It is huge on Instagram, and on Twitter the most popular hashtag VGPUnite had 2000 tweets this week, with a potential reach of 460 000 Twitter users (source: Given how incredibly beautiful GZ is, and how big the buzz is in our community about it, it will definitely be a hit with us.You’ve already seen a couple of us try to make something work with what we have in the beta.

I understand the challenges of Photo Mode in a seamless multiplayer. Here are a couple of options.

For photographing:

  • Just let us remove HUD (that’s all we need actually).
  • Let us remove HUD and pause (that’s even better).
  • Remove HUD, pause and free cam (Now it’s a photo mode! And all we need in one too).
  • And finally, but a bigger ask: What we really, really would like is to be able to remove the fish eye lens.

For dealing with the multiplayer aspect:

  • Only allow it on private servers.
  • Implement like Warframe where everyone agrees to enter photo mode, and one person is in charge of freezing frame for everyone.
  • Or implement like Fortnite where you have a replay system after the game that you can go bananas in.

On behalf of the gametography community, thank you for taking time to read this. :hearts::camera_flash:



Hey there Anna, my name is Matthew and I go as @Thegamephotographer on Instagram and the virtual photography scene. I really like what you’ve said here because I’m very interested in playing and showcasing the game! I have some questions though if you didn’t mind talking on Instagram/Twitter? I’d love to see your work.