Tips for Himfjall

Hi everyone. I am thinking of going to Himfjall soon. Does anyone have any tips and advice for the island? Are the any big things I should know about that make it different to the mainland?
Thanks for any help.

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There are two big differences that I can think of:
1 - There’s a lot more loot lying around on Himfjäll. Ammo, medkits and stuff is found everywhere!
2 - There are only Apocalypse class machines on Himfjäll, so you generate XP a bit faster.

There are minor differences too, but you just gotta go exploring and discover them yourself. Himfjäll is by far my favorite region in the game. When Himfjäll was new it felt a lot more “lived in” than the rest of the map. A lot more visual storytelling, and even more 80’s nostalgia. Himfjäll will be less unique as more of the vanilla map is gradually revamped, so bring your best weapons, all your ammo, and have a great time over there. :wink:


I don’t know how far in to the game you are, but be prepared for more difficult fights! I remember when I first went to Himfjall I ran all over the island trying to get away from some apocalypse hunters wondering: “what the heck are these new weapons?! Why do they have so much health? And why are they green??” (I was not successful). Those were the days…
The biggest change I see looking back is you will probably take more damage. So bring lots of med-kits. Definitely my favorite part of the map by FAR though. The most fun I’ve ever had in GZ has been my time on Himfjall.

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I’ve just spent the past month on Himfjall for my Christmas special video that’s due tomorrow.

What did you want to know mate, I know this place better than anything now :joy:

Video? Do you have a youtube channel?

Yes, Apocalypse class machines are the toughest ones. I didn’t mention it because I thought that was kind of obvious… :wink:

The thing that might surprise you the most is the Runner’s toxic damage. The base damage is low, but the toxic effect will zap 3 quarters of your health bar in the blink of an eye, if you don’t treat it quickly!
The Hunters airburst mortars are very lethal, but something happened a while ago that unfortunately broke the Hunter’s AI (all classes). Earlier, the Hunter’s flechettes and airbursts were relentless, and very hard to dodge! Now, you can just stroll about and they might hit you now and then… :weary:


I really struggled on Furlough in the summer with my mental health, I don’t do well sitting at home doing nothing :joy:.

I taught myself how to edit videos on Movavi, keeping me busy as I learned - and GenZ was the subject matter of choice.

The final one is the Himfjall Christmas Special, and I’ve chucked everything I can at it, so yeah spent a bit of time on Himfjall :grin:

Have you got a link or a channel name? I enjoy watching GZ videos :smile:

This should keep you busy

But if you want Himfjall specifics - happy to do an info dump for you,

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Run just run apocalypse class hunters are terrifying just listen RUN

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:joy::joy: I found one at the airfield and it takes twice as long to kill as the other hunters :frowning: