Tips for making an interesting game

1.Return the recovering loot. It should be restored in neighboring cities.
The player will be forced to go to a neighboring city for ammunition (and will not be able to quickly spawn them). The player’s city must have weak bullets so that he has a chance to get to another city.
2.Add items in the house to the map. The player is tired of looking for the last thing in the house when he has found the majority (do as it was in just cause 3 on the map the location of objects is highlighted)

  • (it should be can turn off in the settings)
    3.Add cars and the ability to defend in them. Enemies must hear cars and pay attention to them. The player must often change cars (gasoline runs out, dangerous area, breakdowns)
    4.There were bugs with the completion of quests. This greatly spoils the game. It would be great to add highlighting to quest items.
  • (it should be can turn off in the settings)
    5.Need complexity. Add a medium game mode with food and water. So the player will need to explore the environment.
  • need the opportunity to organize a small camp with friends.
    6.Add NPC to the game. They can be hidden behind doors, in places inaccessible to the player. The player will have an incentive to save people. But when it unlocks the rooms, cars will infiltrate it.
    7.Add a backpack to the game. Inventory skill is not realistic. But the search for a new backpack and clothes with a large number of pockets is much interesting.
    8.The player roams the empty world. Nothing happens in him. Everything has already happened. Add events. We come to a new city, someone contacted us by walkie-talkie. We try to get to the person, but at the last moment, the cars overtake him and he explodes with them.
    A fighter contacts us and asks to turn off the air defense. We can be in time but robots will kill him or not in time and will defeat him.
    The voice in the radio will be a robot that will deceive us and there will be more robots.

Contact me if you need more good ideas for the game. (beginner game designer)

Not important:
Add Russian(and other) voice acting for the game