To Balance... or not to Balance... that is the Semla


I looked for another Balance Discussion topic, one was named as Single Player Balance, but did not speak of balance…
Apologies if I missed a thread that had this…

To the topic:
This is not about PS4, since they are stuck in the April’s Patch, though they CAN participate.
Actually, I command you to. XD

No, this is about XBOX (I think?) and PC:
Balance is, by all means, a thing of taste, of opinion.
And I get this.

As Miss Aesyle pointed out: this was the time when GZ was played most.
I think, that in itself, is a decent indication, that many find the game to be “difficulti-boring”, or the difficulty just too weak.
I therefore want to suggest a few tweaks that might actually help this problem.
A few were already given:
==> Machine AI (faster but correct detection (LoS), faster reaction (no more 15 seconds until machines wake up after spotting you), more tactile behaviour (usage of the environment), dodging in some cases.
==> Damage Limitation on our side.
==> New Machine Types with their own style of combat (Think of Burrowing Machines, or underwater machines…) to give more versatile opponents.
==> Improved Spawn Rate: The current spawn rate (1 hour, was it?) is too high.
==> Revamp of weapons (especially the Exp weapons, as these are by all means far too OP).

When Machine AI is taken care of, the need for excessive armour, like we have now, will no longer be needed, since the machines will have a new type or armour: brains and speed.
This would lead to something that would many a player happy: the reduction of combat time for a single machine and the reduction of ammo usage.
Naturally, this depending on how far weapons will be tuned down.

One could state: slap even more armour on machines, and sure, it will indeed make the game a tad more difficult, but also even more boring, since the machines fail intelligence wise.
Engaging a Tank that, although it registers being fired upon, although it has identified you and declared you a target, it often stands there, being puzzled about what the firing commands are.
Could be me… but that does not seem to realistic?
Or a machine being shot, yet it stands there shooting back, ignoring its getting damage, like some Rhinestone Cowboy?
Or machines not even seeing you, though they are mere 50m away?

Sure, I could say, remove Plundra, restore our old inventory system or give similar limitations on weight, since that made things certainly more difficult, but I am not.
At all.
There are far better ways to combat the balance issue.

Of course, this is how I would bring balance to GZ, and I overlooked a few ideas.
I’m far from perfect.

So, how would you see this?
Is balance right for you?
Too hard?
Too soft?
How would you try to fix it?

Thank you. :slight_smile:


I’m om PS4 so the topic wasn’t ment for me, but I’m preatty much satisfied with the AI right now. The are aggressive, accurate and alert. There are som flaws but I personally like it that way and see them as a part of their personalities.
My only complain is the FNIX seeker.
I can run towards them, stand beneath them for a period of time before they sound the siren. The prototype is way more effective. If they fix that, the April’s AI patch is the way forward for all platforms imo.
If some players find it too difficult they can go adventure mode.
And maybe they can add a solo player Perma Death mode too :metal:


Oh, drats, sir… my apologies…
I did not mean PS4 players could not participate, I meant, it is not about them.
Particularly since you (PS4 players) have a totally better… I mean… better… DAMNED, BEN!!!.. different patch (which is better, just say it, Ben). XD
I’ll correct this, again thank you for pointing that out to me!!!

Sir, is EVERYTHING about it good (save for the Seeker)?
Or do you have something, that might be improved upon, or changed?

And thank you for taking part, sir.

Sir: @Balla_Jazzuz
Is this better, the first post?


Occasionally, there are some tired hunters who won’t go to work and some dumb runners, but as I said some personality into the mechs is fine to me. Overall I find the AI well balanced. Sometimed there are no safe spot in a house, shelter etc.
A spamming Airconcussion-hunter on one side and a spamming laserbomb-dog on the other, often combined with gas attack…deadly combo. They seem to corner you and attack from all sides, a kind of cooperation. Very often there are only one safe spot in a house. Note: I’m looking for huge fights, grinding all char in lvl 31, so this happens a lot to me. Norrmyra, Farela, Garphammer, Dammfallet, Vinterbacken is a good route to get huge fights.
Have no complains beside the FNIX seeker :blush:


Sadly sir, that ain’t the case for XBOX and PC… :frowning:
It feels as if this is a walk in the park… and I sweep every so often an annoying fly aside…

But that is me.

Is the first post improved now, sir?
Towards PS4 players?


Yes it is. Thumbs up sir :+1:


Thank you very much, good sir.
You’re a fine aid. :slight_smile:


For now, could we please have an increased spawn rate?
I was thinking about 20 minutes…?



Sounds good, the current 1h you can clear large parts of the map. (with good gear)

Maybe decrease* it in Gurilla difficulty?


Love that idea! :slight_smile:

Here’s +10 for you.!


I am on PS4 and if the AI was any smarter with the cannon that fires through walls, I don’t think there will be any safe place lol. Did the game get easier with the new update for xbox/PC or something?


Safe is SO overrated…

No, serious…

Don’t believe me huh?
Well, ask any machine!
Wanna bet they will confirm? :stuck_out_tongue:


PS4 is the only platform right now with the highest difficulty, the awaited (for some) PS4 update will tune the difficulty down a bit as I understand.
I like the AI as it is right now…
Most important is to get rid of all the bugs…could be nice to be sure reload or swap gun to slot mid fight always works for example.


Gotcha, it is actually fun at this difficulty.

What will it do?

Like Is guerilla(PS4/old version) going to be equal to skirmish or adventure after update?


As I understand the AI is weaker, not that accurate , alert and dangerous as on PS4 right now…don’t know if Guerilla difficulty post update can be compared to Skirmish pre update…anyone?


Different difficulty levels were introduced in March '20 update while AI issue came in April '20 update. To my feel, FNIX Rising puts the AI difficulty to lower/easier level than it was post-March '20, pre-April '20 update.