To Buy or Not to Buy, That is the Question

Session, after session, after session,
Crashes in this frequent pace from load to load,
To the last dereferenced pointer of the memory stack;
And all our DLCs have added bugs
The way to access violations. End, end, perpetual while()!
Robots’ but a walking .rbm, a poor target,
That slides and teleports his hour upon the terrain,
And then is heard post mortum. It is a tale
Told by bug report, full of swearing and glitches,
Signifying frustration.

Well, it’s highly unlikely your €8 or €24 will make or break the project. I’m testing the same right now.

Anyone introduced you to C#, Miss?

No, that was after my time. I used to have to malloc() and dealloc()? myself. Turn of the century stuff. I’m long out of that game.

Oh, malloc() and free(), what bittersweet memories :smirk:

At work we went through that debate about free vs free and null, I’m not sure we ever came to a conclusion on that. But this is waaay off topic.

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I never miss a chance to derail a thread. Just ask @Zesiir.

Ok, back on topic. Here’s my humble advise. Don’t buy the DLC if you are in doubt. If you do and gets disappointed, you might leave the game for good. Wait an update or two and check how things are going bug (and memory leak) wise. Then make your decision :slightly_smiling_face:

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I say what I said in a different thread: A DLC is a DLC, at least how we find it here in GZ so far. It is a mostly encapsulated addition, like a field trip, and does not necessarily reflect the future development of the base game.

You could as well enjoy the DLC as a change of pace and later return to the base game with the aspects of the game that remain unchanged on the main island(s).

This is my underdog game that I wish well to the developers. Played free trial then picked up Collectors ed. @ Amazon for 38$ free shipping. Then picked up half off on xbox for ease of use Digital copy. Just found out and purchased new dlc only 8$. I turned 19 in 89


I went ahead and bought the three upgrades. Probably going to feel stupid later, but they need money to continue the development.

DEVS: please put some of this into completing the original game!


I’m 840 hours in, that’s 0.04 cents per hour of entertainment with the current price (base game +DLC) 32.98. Does it get any cheaper?


I never had that much trouble to abandon a game if it wasn’t to my liking, for whatever reason. I just leave it and buy something else. I like this game and I was lucky to have very little issues with it. I have almost played 400 hours, and I’m almost finished. When the game is done, I will move on to another game and return only when new content is released. I do not like repeating the same game, over and over. Life is to short for repeats, I need new things to discover.

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