To Specialize Or Not To Specialize (That Is The Question)?


For a new player, say first 100 hours, Lockpicking is a must-have. Chemist may not work now, but perhaps it will be fixed some day. In your case, sure they’re pointless.
But Spotting Intel and Inquisitive Mind will always be completely useless, IMO.
I of course have no problem understanding that you value the Make 'Em Count skill, especially if you have tons of ammo hoarded.
My playstyle isn’t like that. I don’t wanna bother with ammo mules and transferring between characters. 2 points in salvage makes my character self-sufficient, and I don’t have to clutter up my Plundra with lots of ammo. If I need to drop some 7.62, I just fire away 250 rounds at a pack of 4-5 runners! :joy:
This matches my casual playstyle perfectly. :wink:
And damn! 2000 hours? I have never, nor will I ever, play any game for that amount of time! :smile:


Yes casual play style is exactly what I’m getting from you.

As I explained before, Spotting Intel, and Inquisitive Mind, is to allow for the component damage perk - thus being a build with every damage attribute possible.

When you’ve put as much time, effort, and stress as I have into GenZ - you gather a lot of gear.

My record for a game is over 5000 hours, this is more of a distraction.


Yeah? Don’t expect me to feel bad about it… :roll_eyes:


What game was that, if I may ask?

Most games the longest I’ll put is one or two hundred hours for the platinum, the only games I’ve sunk 1 or 2 thousand hours into have been the Borderlands games, Demon’s and Dark Souls games, and Battleborn.



Final Fantasy 7, took 2 years to have a 100% complete game


Whoa…what took so long? Learning all enemy skills?



It was a simpler time, so things took a lot longer back then to find.

There were so many layers to it, so many choices that changed the outcome. The quest for a 100% game file on FF7 was literally the holy grail back then. Learning, understanding everything, every reference, clue, every decision has an impact. I did the Xbox Arcade release in just under 300 hours.

Next one down is Ninja Gaiden 2 - 2nd in the UK to 100% the game on Master Ninja took around 4000 hours - even made Xbox Magazine & 360 Gamer.


I played FF7 (not the remake yet) 4 times…none ever seemed like it was a 5000 hour investment of time.

Can you go a bit more into detail?

Was this like immediately after it’s PS1 release when there were no guides yet?



Yeah I will, but I’ll PM you.


Yes lol I literally just sent you a Pm before reading your reply.