To the devs: The life of this game

To the developers: As of recently I’ve been seeing a lot of friends leave this game because of all the crashing in multiplayer. If a multiplayer game cannot be played coop… it will fail. I love this game and want to see it thrive but this is a serious issue. I really hope the team is working on a fix because if not… the life of this game will drastically shorten.

I’m not getting anyone in my games and if so they’re immediately dropped during any activity. Becoming dull.

I know this topic is touched on a lot but I just thought I’d chime in as well. I really hope this is addressed and taken seriously.


Yeah, it sucks, and there’s not a lot of activity right now, but it’s far too soon to say the sky is falling. The developers are aware of the issue and are working on a fix, and it’s only been less than a week since this started. Once it’s fixed people will come back. We’re all just biding our time at the moment while we wait for a hotfix. There is no cause for concern until the problem lasts longer than a reasonable amount of time.


The multiplayer crashing has always been an issue. Even before the update. One friend tried the game and that was the reason he never continued. Since it was never fixed before, is why I’m worried now.

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