To those that are in the process of getting a new computer build... NVIDIA



Soon… the 3K series will launch to the public.
Here is info… Linus Tech tips about the NVIDIA 3K series:

Now, in one mighty swipe, the obliterated their ENTIRE lower (2K series and before) in power, quality and… PRICE…

One might bring their process to a temporary halt, in order to make a BIIIIG save, on both tech AND a dollar… or whichever currency you have.

Enjoy the LTT tech tip, I hope it will serve you well.

PS: for the PC enthusiasts, LTT has more awesome info around, feel free to browse it.
Although… you probably know LTT. :stuck_out_tongue:

And no, I am not making advertising here, I actually try to help some save a buck!!!


Sounds impressive but I’ll wait for reviews first of partner cards. Especially if there is a difference between PCIe3 vs PCIe4 and how much of all that marketing babble is true. I trust TechJesus aka GamersNexus and DownUnderSteve from Hardware Unboxed for well made reviews of partner cards :slight_smile:

2 - 3 8-PIN power connectors for the partner models means a lot of power and heat will be produced. A well ventilated case becomes even more important now.


Well, I did a serious overhaul of my PC in June… but I left my old GTX1070. That was a good call :star_struck:


As soon as I get my hands on RTX3080 I’ll leave a comment here about how my mind was blown :joy:


TechJesus and so align with LTT.
All major techies do.
They all basically are one, so to speak.
Ask TJ and DUS, they’ll confirm this. :wink:
Also, you can do a google on how correct LTT is, tech wise, sir. :slight_smile:Should be very convincing.

BTW: If I was not in the least sure of LTT, I would not have posted this.
Merely saying, sir.

Please do, I cannot wait the result, your findings. :slight_smile:
I’ll keep you to that promise, good sir!!! XD


While LTT covered the Nvidia claims of RTX 3000-series and gives a good overview, most PC enthusiasts (including me) aren’t interested in the reference design, instead, they want to see aftermarket GPUs. Latter was covered by GamersNexus in yesterday’s video:

LTT has screwed up in the past, royally, so, i won’t be too fast trusting them.

Screwup: LTT promoting Scio food scanner (click here to read)

Few years ago, LTT posted a video where they promoted Scio food scanner like the best thing ever, without EVER testing if it actually works. Which it didn’t.

Thunderf00t then covered the Scio food scanner in-depth and also brought out LTT, to show, where LTT screwed up, badly.

The LTT roast starts at 14:24,

With this, LTT said what the company “claimed” and without testing the product itself. From me, there is little, if any, credibility towards LTT.

For credible outlets in PC world, look towards: GamersNexus and JayzTwoCents.


Oh, I know, miss.
But see, they came forth, and apologized sincerely, rectifying their error.
Someone that does this, only gets even more respect from me.

No one is perfect, miss, and I am most certainly not, either.
But those that come forth and say: Yes, I made a mistake, I apologize, and rectify my mistake, are in my book ‘perfecter’ than the ones that do not so.

But, that is me.
To each his own, miss. :slight_smile:


No, they did not. Only thing LTT (Linus) was saying were excuses. There was no apology to the user base what-so-ever.

Further reading

Here’s the initial infomercial from LTT, which is currently conveniently Unlisted as well,

By looking that infomercial, it is presented more as a commercial for Scio rather than informative video about the tech behind it, listing the Scio price and all.

And here is the Wan Show featured in the Thunderf00t’s video.
Part about the Scio starts at 39:02,

I don’t hear any “sincere apologies” in there. All what Linus says, is: “we could’ve done a better job” and then goes on saying that it was “unfair” for Thunderf00t to present LTT as complete idiots. Which they actually were:

  1. Exclusively feature only one product in the video - Check.
  2. Make the video look like a commercial for Scio - Check.
  3. Say the company “claims” - Check.
  4. Do not test the product out by yourself - Check.

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually isn’t.

LTT should know better, unless $$$ has gotten into the way.


LTT has some good moments time to time. Most of the time its just sensational styled jibber jabber to get youtube views. And objectiveness flies out of the window to make away for money crab.

And old rule still apply. PC performance is sum of the parts. or like they saying goes. A chain is only strong as the weakest link.


LTT and GamersNexus may be both active in the PC hardware area, they are completely different. While LTT is good in presenting a broad outline (usually), GamersNexus is more like a deep dive. Everything they test/present is research thoroughly. If it’s not they clearly state it. They go even that far to call out a company for the wrong doings and not get supplied with samples for test (ASRock and MSI as the latest examples, same goes for Hardware Unboxed).
For me LTT content is a bit too sensational. But that’s me being old :sweat_smile:

I’m really excited for the 3xxx products of Nvidia although my GTX 1080 is still doing really well. If they use PCIe 4 to the max it might be worth upgrading the build with the coming Ryzen 4xxx chips. Additionally RAM and NAND prices should drop in Q3 and even more in Q4:

Cool times ahead :sunglasses:


I can really recommend JayzTwoCents on youtube, they gave me lots of tips for building my current PC.


LTT is more geared towards younger people and/or those who doesn’t know much about PC hardware. Their videos are usually short and made in a way where it is entertaining to watch them.

But like you said, and i agree, GamersNexus is more in-depth and good source for enthusiasts to get their info.

Speaking of PC hardware in general, i’m not that interested about prices since those fluctuate all the time. Though, what i’m wondering is why Nvidia is undercutting it’s RTX 2000-series with RTX 3000-series pricing. :thinking: Then again, more aggressive (cheaper) pricing forces Radeon to step up, to provide equal level of performance at the more-or-less same cost. This is good news for consumers since if Radeon pulls through, there’s more options to choose from.

Jayz is also another good source of info for PC enthusiasts. And while he mainly advocates for water cooling, which, i, personally, doesn’t agree with, i respect him and his advice. :slightly_smiling_face:


It seems producing their chips in Samsung’s factories gives a better yield per wafer. Therefore the amount of waste per usable chiplet is reduced. I think this is one of the reason.

On the other hand the 2k series was waaaay too pricy for most people and I guess Nvidia saw that. They don’t want to focus that much on business related products. In addition the next generation of consoles is coming and maybe providing a more reasonable pricing this time is some kind of ploy for PC enthusiast to stay on the PC side rather to switch to consoles (which I don’t thinks was even the case).

Nevertheless we have to see what aftermarket cards will cost. I’m really looking forward to the deep dive videos :smiley:


Usually, smaller designs are MSRP while the bulk are about $100 more from MSRP. Could be even $200 more depending on the design (e.g EVGA Kingpin). But we have to wait and see (and cross our fingers that yet another cryptocurrency mining craze doesn’t come :crossed_fingers:).


LOL, after relatively short waiting period (4 months :joy:) I finally got mine:

The place in GZ where I had lowest framerates is right in between Hemmanskogen Logging Camp and Normyrra:

At 3440x1440 and ultra settings on GTX 1070 I had there about 30FPS. On RTX 2070 Super - 45FPS.

3080 bottoms out on 72FPS:

On other areas it stays above 100FPS most of the time :grin:


That sounds awesome. I hope you didn’t have to pay some of the ludicrous prices out there.

A 3080 is a card of my dreams :smile: Until I can afford it the 1080 has to do it’s job.

Do I spot an Arctic Liquid Freezer AIO?


No, no. I paid standard suggested price (as it was 4 months ago. Now the regular prices has gone up).

Yes - 280 :wink:


Friends, please don’t buy higher priced video cards. If no one buys the prices will drop very quickly. I also play with a 1080, I have saved about 4,000 euros for a new pc, but I am not going to spend a single penny until the prices go down. Not to mention the fact that a new motherboard, Z 590, a new 11 generation Intel processor, has been released a few days ago. So I’m holding on to my money for now. I’m mostly playing Cyberpunk 2077 with low configurations, but I’m not going to get pissed off.


On 1st pic, your PC case looks very similar to Corsair 760T. While on 2nd pic, it looks to be Corsair 750D instead. (I know both cases very well since i have both in use with my PCs.)

It’s vice-versa actually. Prices go up very quickly but it takes quite a bit of time before they slowly drop back down. Though, as long as there is short supply, prices remain high. And there are a lot of people who want the latest in GPU tech, even though their old GPU can be just fine.


As long as people buy at high prices it is normal for prices not to go down. I don’t see why I have to pay 1,000 euros for a card when it has to cost 730, this is not normal.


It’s Corsair Obsidian 750D Airflow :upside_down_face:

@Mich3le The problem is rather in the availability of RTX cards. There is a huge demand, but poor supply.