Töcken the smog machine

Töcken - Machine Concept

The töcken is a large hexapod machine with two larger legs at the front and 2 pairs near the rear. It is shaped rather like a stretched out harvester with a rather rectangular body at a 30° angle. It’s head is composed of 2 parts the gas exhaust and the sensors. 3 multi sensors are located at the head along with 2 cameras.

The gas exhaust is rather just smoke. This smoke is what the new apocalypse machines are currently using to wipe the life clean off of the archipelago. It’s also use is to keep all of the machines that follow close behind under the cover of darkness.

It has 6 pipes each visible at all sides of the body not counting the exhausts on the head.

An easy way to destroy would be to locate the valves in the center of the body. Then taking out the head pieces. And then finishing off at the legs pressure sensors.

This thing ways a lot and so stabilisers can be found around the legs as well as on the ‘feet’ of the machine.


(prototype does not exist because cmon its pretty simple to understand)

(neither is military because it was formed by fnix themselves by Ulmer)

FNIX - Can deploy smog all the time and cover a medium range. Two light cannons can be found behind the head of the machine posing large damage when being hit. (idk what the hole 9mm or 6mm thing means so I’m just saying ’ light ').
It also has an easily removable gas cannon like hunters (or whatever its called). It posses 1 efficient and light machine gun at the side of its ‘head’. When the machine has reached near death it has a sprinting tactic. Although it isn’t long like tanks it can gain some distance.

APOCALYPSE - Everything the FNIX has except the small cannons are replaced with a heavy double barrel cannon. And it gains a second pair of machine guns.


The Töcken can be seen in possibly a pair of 2 rarely. It is usually followed by 2 Hunters. Hunters range from Military to APOC. They make lighter whistling noises when being accompanied. Usually sprints when hearing a seeker. Wil interact with harvesters e.g. snitching or gossiping on the players location (lol).

Loot -
Lots of explosives and gas rounds for Granats.
That SMG ammo. (I don’t remember).
And can drop upto 1 emp (large).
Also will drop gas canisters every time.
With a slight chance of a fuel cell.
Panser ammo but not much.
Amd that green ammo I can’t remember the name of. (Rarely).

BTW töcken literally means fog in Swedish. Or atleast one of the translations.

I feel like it’s a bit overkill but when you look at tanks then it looks like it fits in.

(I will provide art of this machine when I can).

Feel free to add constructive comments.


VERY nice idea!
Love it.

Am I allowed to add this to my list, sir?
Of course, I will absolutely credit you! if you allow me…

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@DystopianGZ gave additional information on Discord:
Cannon does Gold Sniper damage
Gun does high damage up close, but loses damage fast (which would indicate a low range?)
Armour and HP would be Tank amount of the appropriate class.

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Thankyou much appreciated!