Toll Troll's 'big machine' will not spawn

Platform: PC
Description: On the mission “Toll Troll”, the military tank won’t spawn, resulting in the mission being soft-locked. This has been an issue for a couple of days since I helped complete it on someone else’s world (I was guest).
Steps to Reproduce: Join a world without the mission being complete (without completing it yourself) and complete it. Log off in the lighthouse safe house near the mission and load into your world, it should bug out and upon tracking the mission the tanks should not spawn. Baring in mind this is loosely what I remember from 3-4 days ago, so I may have missed some details.
Host or Client: Start with client, then become host.
Players in Game: Originally there was 3 or 4 people, then moved onto a solo session.
Specifications: Dell Inspiron 15 30,000. AMD RYZEN 5 processor, AMD RADEON graphics processor (laptop doesn’t specify the model) 8 GB RAM, I play the game on the lowest settings possible.
Misc. I had discord open whilst playing, and had also been playing in that session for 4-5 hours.

Well well, Pc these days eh?

I can offer only one solution that did actually work for me in this very mission.

I created a new character, restarted the game, mission - and it appeared. Don’t forget to leave some gear in the Plundra though before you switch.

happy hunting

Thanks Alias, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me, I tried multiple times each time doing something slightly different, like starting in different safehouses, and I couldn’t get it to spawn. I have no idea what on earth has happened or what to do.

Hmm, well looks like Resistance patched that work around.

It unfortunately looks that way indeed

Luckily after a few weeks it righted itself. Somewhat. As in the mission said it was finished, it was logged as finished in the challanges and the tank did eventually spawn again, although this time there was no mission prompt. This is from what i remembered a while ago btw.