Tomorrow at last ps4 patch

After 6 months I’m even nervous about tomorrow’s patch for the ps4. Tired of waiting I started the solo adventure on October 20 and I already have quite a few trailers, missions, and shelters unlocked. I am liking the game a lot, but if it is true that a change in accuracy, constancy and the perfect distant view that some machines have would be appreciated. many times it overwhelms such intensity in hunters. Hopefully everything goes well and the progress achieved in these 15 days will not break, and they will ease a bit the brutal difficulty that sometimes has to be endured. If this were so, they would improve the game a lot, and they would make me very happy. My prayers to the developers tonight … hahahahaha

I really wish for you guys on PS4 and Xbox to get your experiences with the game improved.

Let’s hope for the best. If you encounter any issues, we’ll deal with it.


what time will it be available?

16:00 CET

For your local time, put the above time format into Google to know. E.g for my local time, it’s 17:00.


The update is in progress for pc, it’s 13.61 GB

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PS4 - HERE WE GOOOOO!!! :heart_eyes:

(18,546 GB)


12.6 GB for me. 6mins to download it all. Not bad.


An report later on how the update is running on PS4 would be much appreciated.
I’m stuck at work and waiting for some early reports :wink:


I have 1 GB more because my machines contain more experimental weapons :grin:

Wow … 12 -13 GB is almost like a new game … hopefully the game gets polished

18,5 gb

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Just had time for a quick check and some speed touristing in the marvelously redesigned central farmlands. Been looking at some goo, prowning a little and changing ammo type just by doubletapping the R1 button. This will be awesome. :blush:

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It is FANTASTIC! I did a backup prior just in case. Immediately didn’t need it. :smiley:

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Since the Update is now out, I’ll be locking this one and urging people to post feedback in this thread.