Feedback to November Update 2020

Hey guys and gals, I’ve made this topic to gather all of the general feedback you might want to post into one neat, collected topic. Feedback on the things you may like with the new update, and things that can be improved. General feedback on the update will also get merged here. :broom:

Remember to keep the discussion civil and constructive. Since this topic is prone to spoilers, the appropriate tags are added. I’ll also provide links to other topics covering similar discussions.

If you encounter an issue, #bug-reports is the place for it.

November 2020 Update News Thread

New Added Locations


Holy f!

In Vellinge church atm, surrounded by a HUGE amounts of enemies, including two rival tanks and at least three or four regular tanks, a harvester or two! Intense - I love it! :smiley:


Yes! Wanted to play a quick session but instead saw all the goodies downloading!
Immediately purchased FNIX. (PS4)

Played for about 10 minutes is all I had left when said and done,… killed 4 tanks,18 runners, 1 harvester, and oddly only 3 hunters.

However the visual, the whole battle was OUTSTANDING!

(I spawned in at airfield)

Merged feedback.


So about the feedback…not counting with the known issues posted by the devs.
Any crashes?
Save data corruption?
Missing items?


I played 10 min and nadda. Slowed down a bit when both tanks launched rockets and 8 runners ran around the corner at same time. No bluescreen or errors so far. Was intense and fun for the short time I had.

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I’m so happy the combat has finally been fixed on PS, I’ve had more fun in these past few hours than I have in the months since the combat was changed in the first place. The tough combat has its place in the game, it’s just not for me.


Liking this very much after a hour of gameplay, especially the amount of Tanks roaming everywhere is just perfect! This starts to feel like the early days when you were scared of the first few Tanks.

Is it just me, or does the Tanks/Harvester missile barrages seem a little bit off always? I remember getting hammered by them all the time, but now it feels like their targeting firmware was upgraded to something like “Point towards enemy general direction and pray” instead of the old “Lazorz humie! Try to dodge this!”

Edit: finally managed to take down the Reaper. I would have saved soooooo much bullets if I would have figured out the take down tactic immediately.

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I like it so far, found lots of “new” places to explore. No gameplay issues, which was what I was expecting since I never had them much. Now searching for all the new hidden ammo schematics and weapons. I couldn’t find the relay beacon that should be somewhere near or in the Skinnarbol Crater according to the away point.

Hmm… it seems that all of my Rivals are wide and randomly spread around the map after the update ??
Definitely not anymore bound to the region they spawned in.

So… bug or feature ?

Could be a bit of both. They’re intended to wander around, not necessarily staying in a single region. But on the other hand, that could be adjusted so they don’t wander too far.

Hi, just wanted a little clarification, during the stream it was said that the new rival would spawn after hitting region level 21. I have reached level 21, does the fact that I have 8 active rivals in that region affect the appearance of the new rival or not? That is, do I have to kill a rival to have the new one spawn? Thanks for understanding

I think that this applies only to old rivals that spawned before the patch. New ones seems to stay in their regions, even after game restart.

After you reach Region Level 21, a Reaper MAY spawn. The higher the level, the greater the chance.

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Hmm, are these new?

What the… That looks like the medkit from The Hunter: Call of the Wild. How’d you get that?

Edit: Found them. Very strange.

Found two in the house just south of Häckebergasjön.

This is great now 2 hs not one crash.good job guys.

I got it confirmed that this is a bug, or at least an unintended feature. I’ll make a report and forward it directly.

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