Feedback to November Update 2020

Have any of you checked what is to be found under the hood of all the abandoned cars? :blush:

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Another thing I spotted that may have been in the game for a while - opening the hood on some cars now grants you the possibility to find loot - is this new, or has it been in the game earlier? Haven’t really played much the last couple of months…

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Can they bring over some of the animals too? :wink:

I want to Thor wap a deer :frowning:

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I just had to tell you guys this update is just outstanding! Not only did you completely squashed the crashing issues on Xbox but you added some really awesome things to the game that’s going to give people a lot more to do and it’s been very very fun!

It’s like I said before I work in the industry I know the blood sweat and tears that goes in to not only correcting problems stubborn problems but adding new content as well and making sure that it doesn’t create problems of its own; it’s not an easy feat! So again I can’t thank you guys enough I absolutely love this game and I’m extremely happy that it’s fixed And very amazed at the very cool content that you added on top of that!


Brett T


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Found that too :wink: a new thing, although it´s mostly canisters right?

So, haters aside, I think we can mostly agree that the Update was a Success.
The game is once again much more stable, it comes with some bugs (as usual :sweat_smile: ), but they are not as severe as they were on the past months, crashing has been isolated to a few cases and situations.
The game seems to run slower in some areas, but that can always improve with time.
Some small fixes are needed, but the result is very positive.
The number of people playing the game increased drastically, just looking at a small “study group” on the PS4, the number of public sessions being played with players from the Biggest PS4 GZ community increased from a ratio between 6 to 10 sessions (before the update), to a ratio of 15 to 30 (33 on the moment i´m writing this).
So we can speculate all non community affiliated players numbers also increased.
With the good news for Xbox, we can also speculate that the number also increased specially with the crashing issues practically resolved.
This are all great news for the players and for the Devs.
And it´s wonderful the small and big changes that have been introduced into the game.
It is a refreshing experience to play the game in it´s current state.
I hope we can leave the Past behind, and that if an update requires more time to be polished, it is given time to the team for that, we can all agree with the necessity of such a thing.
I am looking forward for new islands, DLC´s and ongoing changes and additions to the Mainland and the game itself :wink: .
If someone from the Team reads this, keep going guys!


Indeed, I for one am very happy with this update! :slight_smile:

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I really like the update. The thing that interested me most was the Reaper. I faced my first fight with the beast alone, it was pure pleasure. It took me about an hour to take it down. A tip to all those who want to spawn the Reaper: the region must be at least level 21 and there must be a maximum of 7 active rivals. I had 8 active rivals in the region and I was level 24, as soon as I killed a rival the Reaper immediately appeared. For the rest, a great job was done with the restyling of the map. Keep it up, good


I agree with the two above. Something is wack with your PS4 bud.

No Xbox crashes since the update. Much slower gameplay through the previously crash-prone parts but so far so good. Thanks.

Imo, the crafting for health kits is kinda of broken. Thanks to a bug that I got from FNIX Rising, which gave me a lot of resources, I now have 264 health kits.

Am new to all this but love the game & kinda freak when I say some stuff from the update so did a little readying but I have this feedback just from what I read mostly. I use a PS4 so when I noticed the update I kinda went back to the beginning and am rehashing a few areas to see about the changes.

It mentioned gas from the harvester…well I have a serious problem with the gas grenades period, from any of the machines. I just reached the south coast area, from the lower region. I have only been player a short time & I play solo. I do not care for running into a military hunter who can shoot 3 gas canisters at me (and I am wearing a gas mask) & before I can do anything my health is down to 2 to 5% EVERY TIME. The gas masks are completely useless. If you are in a building & 3 canisters later I am dead I don’t both wasting my health packs cause by the time I get back up 3 more canisters are on the way. Why bother having the gas masks where you health goes down so fast they are useless. Now the masks work fine when you have to deal with the gas from inside the bunkers the health goes down very slowly as it should…but when fighting a machine…just run or just die. Now I have used them before being prior military & yea they don’t keep it all out, but 20% on every mask you pick up??? That sounds a little low. Maybe do something like was done in Metro where you have a mask & just change filters…that would make more sense & might give you more of a fighting chance against the machines.

Your new machine…well being a solo player…I am sorry I am not going to just find a friend just to kill one machine & I know many many other solo players like myself that feel the same, and some have left the game cause they feel that the game is not built for solo players of which I think they are wrong. But your Reaper…well unless a solo player has a chance…even say a 20% chance to kill it solo, maybe by doing the building hide & shoot routine…well it might cause some problems and you might possibly loose allot of solo players. Me, personally…if I can’t kill it…I will just avoid it…hehehehe…

You talked about loot from Rivals…what loot?? I have killed 10 hunters & 1 tank Rival & haven’t gotten anything other than the standard loot like from a normal machine. Same with TICKS…every one of them simply evaporates after I kill it. Its like that spot on the floor after you squash a bug.

Love the crafting…but one problem with the new one…you don’t have access to your crafting materials from the Consumables Crafting bench, unless you add them materials to your inventory so you will instantly have overweight issues…just thought you should know… at least I am having that issue on my PS4!!!

As for the difficulty…you have for the most part an Easy, Medium, Hard… instead of lowering the in game structure, have you thought about simply adding a level below the Easy or Adventurer level? I am a solo player & no matter the problem I have stayed at the medium or NORMAL level, but I do run into a few issues. I found that it’s not so much it’s too difficult, its that you get so overwhelmed with machines you cannot react fast enough. But unless you are an avid game like myself where it doesn’t matter if you die 1 or 100 times you will figure a way to do or get to some place. Yea tweeking it a bit I agree cause early on with the lower class weapons it far far more difficult that it should be…I mean got waxed by an easy hunter the within seconds…but never again.

Well that’s about it on this…I have a few other things but they need to go elsewhere…I really hope this helps…

You just need some more training, even on skirmish after many hours of playing with some better weapons, it will begin to be easier, trust me, i´ve been there, and then you will want more enemies, because they are not enough.
The loot is all about luck, and choose the perk Mechanic and Salvage, you will never run out of ammo that way.
The gas mask is indeed useless I totally agree, a similar system to the Masks in the Metro series could solve it.
I have the same opinion about the materials, there is not enough space in the Recycling Station, do not forget to put there all your materials, you don´t need to carry them with you and every Workbench and Recycling Station share the same Materials.
Have fun :wink:

My materials didn’t share that’s what I was referring to as far as the PS4. That’s why I brought it up. I put all the materials in the storage like always & then went to the consumables to use them and they weren’t there, now I didn’t have any schematics either so that is possibly why they didn’t show up, just thought of that.

Yea, I was thinking that perk might do it, but I have been playing them differently…and its not the ammo…I have yet to run out of ammo & if I am short I just don’t use that particular weapon…was just pointing out that if loot, weapons specifially are suppose to be dropped by rivals…it wasn’t happening on the PS4, at least for me anyway. I mean lastnight I dropped a FNIX Tank & nothing, literally nothing in the loot. Kinda funny too as I don’t have that DLC either…but not really concerned. I also get the part about the weapons as recently picked up level 3 weapons but still in a few instances there is an issue…not that I am complaining it makes you just have to think more…I just have a serious problem with the gas canisters outside of that & a machine that gets advertised as only can be killed by teams…lol lol lol…

Don’t get me started on the gas…the other night I was literally trapped in Minken…no matter which exit there was a Military Hunter waiting…I even tried warping to the Ferry Pier and there was one sitting up on the road & I about blew my stack…cause unless you move perfectly for me I’m dead…I ended up warping backward…went for a short walk, killed a couple runners then warped back to the Pier and hugged the water I spotted them up on the hill still but they stayed there…thank God… lol lol lol…I am having lots of fun…even more with being able to have this with it too…it really does help…it’s funny though when people want to give me locations of good weapons & I say not thanks…it’s like I hurt their feelings…lol lol…thanks for the message

Thanks for the update GZ team! Not thank you for the stamina debuff!

So, I’ve just finally spawned that hellspawn on guerilla for the thrills, through the fire and flames slaughtered it… and new one immediately emerged.

Fight was hard and disappointing, to be honest.
Good thing about tank AI in general - tanks now approach smokescreen for cqb, so it didn’t smoked into embarrasment. Bad thing about Reaper tank AI in particular - in short it became dumber and rather… deaf and numb? Lots been changed in behaviour for this tank by shortening “time constant” - it almost immediately forget about human target when line of sight breaks, but at the same time immediately pick up new target when Reaper see it. Why numb? Because in certain circumstances it will stay frozen until “blazing butt-hurt” move is enforced by health percentage trigger.
I’ve got more damage when was fighting other robots, that arrive, than Reaper itself. First one was at wasteland north to Stora Dyrbo and a bit west from crater, just outside the caldera.
So cover is mandatory, but if you stuck fighting it on plains - either have a friend who can distract and use smoke covers or have a roasted ass until you or tank finally break down.

I’ve been waiting for this PS4 DLC just to be able to complete Torsberga without the blinding light. Then the mysterious arena north of the artillery base and the FOA bunker. Torsberga worked fine and was a welcome change after all the other bunkers. But then I missed out on the arena mission ?! All the gates were open ?! I hope the FOA bunker mission hasn’t become redundant either. Can’t help feeling a bit cheated, sorry. I have to miss out on old missions to get new ones ? If I can find them.
What exactly activates the FNIX missions ?! No clues ?

The Arena/FOA 2 hasn’t been used in any mission yet it’s a bug that some of the walls and assets inside has gone missing

Reaper not worth it. The reaper is to hard to solo it and with the low amount of players still playing its hard to find good teams now. So I think health/damage/etc. should scale if you are multiplayer/solo play. Also the blueprint tells you that he cannot attack when he raises his red shield. But he still attacks with shield up and he spams the shield all the time, so 90% of the time he is red. So in a 2 hours solo fight, 1.5 hours I cannot do anything and have to sit around and in those 30 mins his shield is down i wasted roughly 8k ammo for just one lousy clothing drop. Seriously??? The foa clothing looks ugly too and doesnt do anything. Its just appreance nothing more.

Not to mention that you have to play for hours to get a reaper spawned… so its just for hard core player now.