Feedback on Stream: as per requested by sir Paul

I loved Dead Island and the crafting of OP melee weapons was an utter joy, but it made sense to take on zombies with a flaming axe.

But a bat against an 8ft tall mech with a grenade launcher on it’s shoulder, a retractable blade and wrist mounted flame thrower? Not so much.

I always imagined melee in GZ would just be pistol whipping ticks, or slamming the butt of your shotgun into a leaping runners face. Anything bigger than that I figured should just laugh and turn the player into paste.


I THINK one per session, sir…
I do not really know though.

How about a laser katana?

@OBiW4NSHiNOBi Anyone that saw Movies or Tv series where Humans or organic life forms fight against Machines, knows Machines always win in close combat, even worst when they are armed with Ranged weapons.
So it makes no sense.
@Xogroroth Laser katana? Chainsaw? Is this Cyberpunk2077? No sense and awful idea to implement in GZ .


Well, why not.
Chainsaw was around.
And if we can have a Mjolnir… then we can have a laser edged katana as well, sir.
Melee was a very very bad decision, it does not fit GZ, but it is there.
So, why not use it? :slight_smile:

Are you for real?
We are derailing the topic, but the more weird and non GZ theme weapons we get, worst and more unbalanced the game becomes, we have the melee weapons as proof.
Weapons must make sense to the game atmosphere, so does the enemies and so does everything else.
Now let´s keep the rest about feedback of recent news.:+1:
Anything else you can always talk to me my friend.


So I got mixed feelings about the new Workbench with ammo crafting.

Crafting ammo is something that you should be able to do if there is a shortage of ammo, but with Skill points put into Salvage i’ve never had a problem with lack of ammo. Without Salvage you just need to be more careful what machines you hunt and how much looting you do.
This could be a thing in Guerrilla difficulty but there again, 2 points in salvage will get you far.

So in short Ammunition crafting is an unnecessary addition in my opinion, it’s a solution to a non existing problem.
Unless you can craft special ammo or you reduce the ammo you loot from containers and machines.

I think that workbench could be used for crafting improvised explosives, like remotely detonated bombs, sticky grenades and “homemade” landmines


I share the same opinion.
I have one point in Salvage and i´m never out of any type of ammo, not even 50 Cal.


Crafting ammo is, again, I think the wrong way to go. The idea is to loot stuff, and I rarely run out of ammo. Even in the early game, looting to scavenge ammo is part of the thrill. I think it’s a poor addition.

The workbench would be better suited for crafting items that suit being “homemade”; molotov cocktails, EMPs, improvised explosive, health kits etc.

The idea you can craft weaponsgrade ammo from scrap and pieces of string seems at odds with the world they’re trying to portray.


Feedback time! :blush:

The Reaper: It looks awesome, and I’m excited to see how it “works”. Really looking forward to a real challenge, and I hope the devs speak true when they say it will be hard to beat for one player!
It will be exciting to learn what the Reaper is, and how it works compared to a normal rival. :slight_smile:

More revamped areas! The little I saw in the stream looked very good! War torn landscapes is what I personally have wished for in revamps! It’s gonna be so spectacular when the whole map is done! :slight_smile:
Did any of you get a sense of what area has been changed this time? Was it the rest of the farmlands, or just another portion of it?

The new workbench was a nice surprise! Being a home reloader of ammunition myself, this addition is to my liking! To those of you complaining about this workbench: Crafting ammo and medkits is just the start. For the devs to add more advanced crafting recipes in the future (like IED’s and stuff), they need to cover the basics first. That means crafting stuff we can already find in the world. And why not? Making bandages and reloading ammunition is actually really easy if you have the equipment and a bit of basic knowledge.

Another thing… I’ve been on this forum for well over a year now. I remember very well how many people have requested melee weapons in the past, especially in a time about a year ago. The devs, kind as they are, have wanted to satisfy this part of the player base, and so they implemented melee weapons! A lot of people are happy that this is now part of the game. The nice thing about these weapons: 1. If you don’t like them, you don’t have to use them! You don’t even have to pick them up!
2. It’s meant for fun! It’s not supposed to be realistic compared to anything.

It’s always the same…
Players request bikes, and get them. Players complain that bikes are stupid and useless.
Players request Plundra, and gets it. Players complain it’s too big, it’s too small, it’s unrealistic, it’s OP!
Players request more powerful weapons, and get them. Players complain that new weapons are OP.
Players request new inventory, and gets it. Players complain and suddenly want the old one back.
Players request crafting, and gets it. Players complain it’s unnecessary and makes things too easy.

I can’t wait to hear your complaints on the Reaper, and why you want it removed… I got popcorn. :popcorn:

This is f***ing ridiculous…

Devs, keep doing what you do. GZ was always a diamond in the rough, but it’s safe to say the polish is coming along real nicely. :grin:


Titanium needed for med kits?

What combustible material am I picking up to create bullets?

Let’s link up over the weekend and discuss further.


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Especially the part about Plundra, while some want it able to carry even more stuff (I sure wouldn’t mind!), others thinks it shouldn’t be there and that it’s “OP” (like - really!?! How can a storage container be OP? lol!).

I like the ammo crafting idea, wouldn’t mind being able to craft loads of EMP grenades! :smiley:
As long as they don’t nerf the general ammo drop rates because of it…

Edit: I’d also like to see that crafting materials doesn’t add to the inventory weight limit, but perhaps rather have a maximum number of items limit instead before you have to go dump them in the recycle station, that could possibly up my interest for gathering and crafting.


100% agreement.
It’s overkill, same for Medpacks (FOR THE TIME BEING).
If Machine AI gets really fixed, things will be a lot different, but as it is now… not smart…

Agreed, sir.

The idea was awesome.
Timing then sucks.
The machines all share the same goldfish brain.
Now, I hope you’re a mathematician, calculate the amount of machines, divide a goldfish brain over this amount…
OK, it’s the '90’s, and it’s Sweden, but… :stuck_out_tongue:

This seems like a plea to delete this? :slight_smile:
I can take that… lmao
I love your idea: erase it and get it over with!!!

We consume each year several mg of titanium, it’s a normal ingredient of human bodies.
That’s why machines eat people.

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Easy solution, just don’t use it if you think it is OP. I don’t think it is and it helps me a lot to have fun. Now I dont have to loot hundrets of the same houses and the same containers with thousends of the same boxes or cars just to prepare for the next fun battle. Thats soooooo boring.
I hope that now you can get explosive material from useless ammo like for moller and make useful out of it.
It is also my choice to use my gathered resurces for med kits or not. If I want to do boring loot runs I still can do it but it is now my choice. The same goes for you.
It adds a very needed piece of variety to the game and I’m very thankfull for it. Good Job devs!

PS: don’t you dare to call me “sir”. I’m not a sir and you dont even know whether I’m male or female.


Exactly! Now we can choose if we actually want to put all those materials to good use, or to go on a looting run! Nobody’s forcing anyone to use anything. :blush:

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Even easier, sir…
Fix machine AI… :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I took “easy” very broadly here… XD

Well, I am only polite…
It is not good to ban politeness, sir.
Especially not this day in age?

Also, sir is not per se male, it is used for females as well, sir.

Do you see somebody else in this forum calling everybody sir? For a good reason. They are polite but to use “sir” too often looks more arrogant and lecturing. Just be polite and stop it at least for me.

Actually I don’t use most of the additions to this game since launch, like bicycles, apparel crafting and most likely won’t use the melee weapons and the new workbench. I even mostly don’t use exp weapons, but that’s me!
Let others decide how to play the game, all I want is a bug and crash free experience and a decent AI/difficulty settings which fit all players :slight_smile:


Who would want to remove the Reaper from the game? :open_mouth:
I think it´s bad news it´s only 1 Reaper per game…it should be at least 1 Reaper per Region.

Since the stream is over and the update is released, I’ll be locking this one.

Feedback (positive and negative) can be given in this thread, or the ones linked with it.