Too much cpu USAGE and few other problems (equipment etc) + my feedback

**Platform:** PC

**Description:** 1. CPU usage (4790K + Noctua NHD15) is always 90-100% and it leads to 90C temperature on the processor. The game overheats it! In this state, 10 minutes i can play, no more, I can not wait for CPU to burn! Please optimise your game to lower CPU Usage on my rather strong processor.

You can check this on video (not mine)

Mine temperatures are worse but in this video are spikes from 60 do 80C and 90-100% CPU usage. This is the cause - to high usage.

2. Using flares / fireforks crashes game. Same problem:
3. We can not activate Vesslan Bunker radio and mission (no power when trying to interact with it) - Unbearable Lightness. Same problem

**Steps To Reproduce:** 1. Just play a game on 4 cores and 8 threads like 4770K or 4790K 2. Typical fight with these dogs robots and crash immidiatly. 3.  I did earlier mission in this bunker, enabled power and went to this radio which is inactive.

**Images / Videos:** I can later do it for 1 and 3 problem. Can't do it on crash.

**Host or Client:** host

**Players in your game:** only me

**Specifications:** 4790K + Gigabyte Z87X OC + Noctua NHD15 + 12GB DDR3 2400Mhz + Supremo 550W and 1TB HDD 7200
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Hello, please follow this template when posting bug reports, and/or performance-related issues so the devs can look into your issue sooner.

As for the feedback, please post in the Feedback/Future Suggestions forum.

Is my report is good now?

Yes indeed, good report!

Another small bug.

Mission One Can Only Hope do not dissaper from the map after finishing it

Hi. I don’t know if post all bugs in one thread or open another thread?

Today i noticed that when i uprgaded part recovery (in polish “odzyskiwanie czesci” - third option on far right) then i have empty boxes to loot!!!

If you find any new bugs please make a separate post for them, using the template I provided earlier. Also check the forums and see if it’s already been posted by someone else :slight_smile:

The CPU usage have many different reasons.

However, the GPU drivers, July 9th AND win 10 update, July 10th, adressed a bunch of issues that was connected to this.
Not all, but feedback in Microsoft Hub is VERY positive about the new update.

Also, the new Nvidia drivers have fixed tons of issuses with Directx and other tools that windows is using but didnt “play nice” with some games.

Update both, and check your CPU/GPU usage again.
If that doesnt work, then there are, quite a alot, you can do with Win 10, in order to “fix” the 100% CPU/GPU.

Game devs must optimize cpu usage and that’s all.

How do a game, optimize your systems resources?
I am curious. Maybe you meant something different?

Your CPUs doesnt do ANYTHING other then what your BIOS and Windows orders them to.

Or do you mean, that there is a tool in the game, that drains to much CPU?
This is possible. Same thing with RAM leak.
Its quite easy to check if a game is the reason to high CPU usage.

  1. Start task manager - Check CPU load. 5-15% is normal when no app is running.
  2. Start the game, load your save, but do no move or do anything!
    Then check task manager. If CPU are at 100%, then the game is a likely suspect in using more CPU then your system can offer.
    If the CPU load ISNT 100% when you load the game. Then you have have a lot of system settings to check.

Games does not write 100% of the code. ALL games uses tools (which costs), like a game engine for example.
3) New games, can use tools/software/databases, etc that isnt fully fixed, YET. These can cause High CPU useage and there is nothing the game company or the user can do about it.

The tool IS constantly getting fixed/updated and working with with the operating system, the system architecture and drivers (commonly GPU).
This is very normal, and ALL these fixes, are included in Win 10 updates, or drivers for your hardware.

In Win 10, when anything runs on 100%, its WINDOWS SYSTEM, that “has to much to do”.
Unless you use a CPU tool, that overclocks and removes the failsafe modes for CPUs, then windows shuts down automaticly, IF ALL CPU ARE 100% AND ISNT changing prioity.

This post is meant as info. High CPU usage CAN be cause of the game. HOWEVER, most of the time, it isnt, and has a SOLUTION in the users system.

On Short: If anyone has high CPU usage, and wants to play. Waiting on a game patch, is not your only option.

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I’m not real pc savy but I’m trying to learn. I’m having a similar issue. Im running nvidia 980s in sli configuration and the one carrying the load is at 100% while the other 2 gpus are at about 20 to 30 % and my cpu is at 40 to 50 %. And the gpu carrying the majority of the load is running at 170° F. Now the nvidia site says they can max out at 105° C before shutting down. Is this ok or should I be looking into trying to fig out how to make an adjustment. I appreciate any advice on this. Thanks guys.

I just did a stress test + Win Utilize report = Softwhere that will put high load on all your hardware + call random windows system functions.

I started a resourse monitor (Not the windows one)
I started the game, and loaded the save. The game was fine, at first.

However, when I tabed out, to check the resource tool, Generation Zero-f CPU utlization raised from 18, to 55%. And keept at 55%. I ran around in the game. I started and exited some windows apps.
Generation Zero-f.exe was still at 55%. Not moving.
In game, I could move and play normaly…but it was a but laggy, because of the heavy load on my CPUs. (from the tool).

The resource tool I use gave a VERY odd report. 55% for the game, yes (which is way higher then I had before). BUT, the report also shown all tests as “normal”.
(this tool reports any odd behaviour from windows systems.)
The Report SHOULD fail the CPU test, because it was under heavy load (from the tools).

This is above my skills.
When running these tools + a game. The game SHOULD NOT work normally. Its intended to force the game to be laggy or what not, when CPU are to busy for it.

My GPU didnt go above 30% though. And my system had no change in heat.

My logs show no failures or windows “messaging”, had nothing.

My, amateur, tests, points towards SOMETHING in the game is effecting the CPUs, but I am clueless why playing (on all high settings), was normal. The minor lag I had, wasnt just in game. But in windows and everywhere.

I turned off all tools and exit steam.
Windows STILL acts like CPUs are high, when they are not.
AND, windows text started to fade out and back. Thats never happend to me.

Regarding people reporting raised heat, I cant adress that, since my heat is constant (52C/48C/42C).
A PC with normal cooling, shouldnt change much in heat, at all.
Laptops have issues, simply because the heat cant escape since the laptop rests direclty on a surface.

I found info regarding the FFAA setting and this game.

I changed FFAA to off. REBOOTED. And started the game. Generation-f.exe only used 18% CPU.
I tabbed out, loading office and stuff. Then exited them. And tabbed back. 18% CPU load still.

Played for a bit, and keept checking task manager for CPU load. 18% CPU and steady.
The ONLY change I did, was turn OFF FFAA in global.

Could any dev here comment on the link, and the FFAA setting?


First minute of game.

In this time temperatures are okay but as you can see CPU Usage is 95%.

This is normal for a game that’s as resource-intensive as this, especially when you’re running the game with an un-capped frame rate (you can see your FPS down the bottom of your screenshot is 87). I’m assuming your monitor is only rated to have a 60 Hz refresh rate, which is basically standard. If you turn on V-sync, it will cap your frame rate at the refresh rate of your monitor. Or you can use an external tool to cap your frame rate target at the refresh rate of your monitor to avoid using extra resources for rendering frames that you won’t ever see.

If your processor is reaching temperatures of 90 to 100 degrees (celsius), that implies that your CPU cooler cannot handle the heat generated, and that you may want to look into getting a better cooler. Although, temperatures of 90 to 100 are actually okay. The only thing temperatures this high will cause is a shortened lifespan of your CPU, which unless you plan on keeping this computer for decades, you probably won’t even notice.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

EDIT: Thought I’d add some information about my setup. My CPU is around 65-75 degrees c, with an uncapped frame rate, CPU load is basically 100%. GPU temperature is around 60-70 degrees c, again 100% usage. I have an i7 6700k at 4.5 GHz and a GTX 1070 OC edition (so it has two fans on it).

Quote from Microsoft insider hub:

“Thank you everyone for providing feedback and submitting traces. Based on your feedback we have identified a change impacting system and games performance for some users starting with Windows 10 Version 1903 (May 2019 update). The change would result in higher system CPU utilization and/or lower game GPU utilization, and thus causing lower framerate in some games. We have a fix for the problem in the next Windows Insider build that will flight to the “Fast” ring (build 18932 and above). You can find instructions on joining the Windows 10 Insider Program here: After a successful tenure in the insider population, the fix will be deployed as an update to 1903 users at the end of August.”

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I have noctua nd h15 and this is one of the best air coolers for PC CPU. Other games have 0 problem and usage is max 60% or 30% like Witcher 3.

The game itself doesn’t matter all that much. If your CPU is getting to the 90’s and higher with this cooler, then either there’s something wrong with it or it’s not configured properly.

Considering I have a i7 6700k that appears to be clocked higher than your CPU, and according to other user benchmarks gives off more heat than your CPU, and I have a smaller (albeit Noctua) cooler, and some how seem to be getting way better temperature readings than you, there has to be something wrong.

If you need help diagnosing the problem, I’d be happy to help. But I can guarantee that even if this game uses insane amounts of CPU power, it should not be making your CPU temperature spike so high with your cooler.

Okay then how much GHZ you have on 6700K, what voltage, what CPU usage you have after exiting first home in single player and what temperatures.

we can always throttle down the graphics a little if game is running pc too hot, there is some probs with cpu and gpu load that microsoft has owned up to and is fixing ( hopefully by end of august ) , hopefully this issue is resolved soon and i dont think its a GenZ issue, lets not attack each other over it. also if people are passionate on overclocking and running awesome setups , why not make a thread on forums for great setups etc :smiley:

Of course. I can set my CPU to 3600Mhz and lower voltage and this results in 70C max but performance is not good (on 1070 GTX drops to 40 fps).