Toy Car Lure Schematic Purchase issue

Platform: PC
Description: Currently cannot purchase the Toy Car Lure. I have all the required items, but it does not let me purchase the Toy Car Lure Schematic for the life of me…
Steps: Play the game, try to buy lure… cue sadness

Host: Host
Players: 1

It says that you need more schematic points to unlock that schematic.

Craft 4 more things to buy the 4 you still need.

Just anything you can craft will work that is not ammo.

So, I don’t believe that’s the case here… Still can’t buy the schematic? Unless I’m missing something?

Maybe you are missing the DLC or have it not enabled?

I’ll look into that. I was wondering. I did just start the game… Is this something you unlock? Like you have to go through the story to unlock this? Just a random thought I had.

No you must own Tac Equipment DLC 2 to be able to purchase them. If you do then its safe to say its bugged since its showing (-0) indicating it wont take any points from you.

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No, if you bought the Tactical Equipment 2 DLC, it should automatically be loaded once you start the game. In Steam you can manage the DLCs, activating or deactivating by setting a check mark. (need a restart)

Not sure if that will indeed work, i can’t check it since I have all schematics there are.
But I suggest: Try to craft DLC stuff only to get DLC Schematic points.

Thanks everyone! I didn’t have it purchased! Thought I did! This is solved.


Hehe, glad it was such a simple solution :slight_smile:

Since the issue has been solved, I’ll close the report now.
Thanks everybody for helping out.