Trade value Ratios for items in my opinion

This will be a very long list and well thought out list to make trades fairer.
All trades can be multiplied up to a large amount if needed and rounded up or not depending on the willingness of the seller and buyer.
These are my values but might be altered in the future.
These trades are quite generous from my standard.

10 Rounds of 32.ACP for 10 rounds of 9mm either AP or FMJ (Blue box)
30 Rounds 9mm AP or FMJ for 25 Rounds of 5.56mm or 7.62mm either AP or FMJ (Green or White/Peach box)
70 Rounds of 5.56mm or 7.62mm for 25 Rounds of 50.BMG any variant (Black and Red box)
20 Rounds of BMG for 8 HEDP Rockets

Items: (Throwables & Useables)
2 Flares for 1 Sticky Flare
4-5 Smoke Grenades for 3 Sticky Flares
5 Tick Deployables for 2 adrenalines
3 Adrenalines for 80 Rounds of 50. BMG
10 Grenades for 1 Holy hand grenade

Items: Weapons (Purple to experimental only)
2 Purple tier weapons for 1 gold tier
1-2 Gold tier weapons for 1 Experimental of choice
Weapon swaps of same rarity are to be agreed by both parties

Decided by Seller and Buyer as a oral agreement

More to come soon enough

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I’m also gonna allow 32.ACP Stacks to fast track all the way to 50.BMG using my Formula

Would you mind explaining what this is for?

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Its just for those that might be looking to trade their items or spare bullets for other alternatives or weapons if they want to
I’ve done trades like this before
but its just a reference for values I mostly give bullets away to those than need em the most.
let me know if you need more information.

So it is for player-to-player trading when people meet in co-op.

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It’s for player-to-MFO_Abyss trading in co-op.

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He’s an established GZ trader?

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No idea. New York - Paris - Peckham?

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I get the feeling you are not being totally serious right now.

“Peckham is a district of South London…” Huh.

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I believe OP is laying out a price list for gear for their co-op games and might be inviting us to use the same one. That’s all.

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Yeah, I got that now.

I did not mean you should get serious again. I like talking nonsense.


You can make a list like this but probably nobody cares, so dont waste your time. You could play GZ in this time and have some fun :wink:
PS: when I play with my friends it goes like that:
Hey I need bullets for weapon x.
Yap I have enough of them. Here are 2-3 stacks. Hf and make sure they count XD


The young folks these days…

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not yet but I intend to set up a huge trading network so all players can trade for what they need and what they not need.
you have all rights to use this list for reference.
Also thanks @Flick for explaining to pegnose.

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First off: since stacks can’t be split in GZ (at least not yet), making a list out of any other value than a full stack doesn’t make much sense.

List of full stacks (ammo)
200x - .32 Möller (HP / FMJ)
120x - 9mm Glock (FMJ / AP)
60x - .44 Magnum (HP / FMJ)
120x - .243 (SP / FMJ)
120x - .270 (SP / FMJ)
40x - .50 cal (FMJ / AP)
240x - 9mm SMG (FMJ / AP)
240x - 5.56mm (FMJ / AP)
240x - 7.62mm (FMJ / AP)
60x - shotgun (bird / buck / slug)
4x - rockets (chaff / smoke / EMP / HE)

2nd: for each player, different items have different value. For example, 7.62mm, .50 cal and HE rockets are far more valuable to me than 5.56mm, .270 or .32 Möller due to the weapons i use.

And 3rd: several trade formulas are skewed. Some are generous while others are measly. Also, what’s with the weapon trade? 2x 4* for 1x 5*? Whoever gives away 2x 4* for 1x 5* can benefit but the one who gives away his/hers 5* weapon will not benefit in any way for the 2x 4* in return.

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@Aesyle It’s nice to see smoke valued so highly for once.

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Regarding the weapons personally I wouldn’t mind giving away 5* for purples it helps those who are struggling and need alittle pick me up.
However, as I stated above these trades ive set up its very generous to the buyer rather than me the seller.
generosity is key to survival.
it also assures you that you will have key allies you can trust to trade with along with the assurance.
I’m considering a refund program and those that get the item they didn’t expect for ill do my best to refund the dissatisfied/scammed one.
I do also appreciate your consideration to the trade list and if you like I can implement your idea in the new list but id prefer to ask you permission first.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Smokes are highly priced as many people don’t realise their effectiveness or value so those that want to trade up their Smoke grenades im doing a special offer of 5 Smokes for 5 Sticky Flares or 20-40 BMG rounds or option 3.
60 buckshot rounds Their special choice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Lets get this economy going people :wink:

Sure, you can use my ideas to refine your list.

The value of each item is defined by availability and demand. Availability comes from the game world, where some of the items are more easily found than others. And demand comes from the players.

Also, same ammo but different types of it (SP vs FMJ or FMJ vs AP) have different value due to the availability. The fair ratio (both ways trading) would be 2:1, e.g:
2x stacks (400x) of .32 HP = 1x stack (200x) of .32 FMJ
2x stacks (240x) of .243 SP = 1x stack (120x) of .243 FMJ
2x stacks (480x) of 9mm SMG FMJ = 1x stack (240x) of 9mm SMG AP
2x stacks (480x) of 7.62mm FMJ = 1x stack (240x) of 7.62mm AP
2x stacks (120x) of birdshot = 1x stack (60x) of buckshot
2x stacks (120x) of buckshot = 1x stack (60x) of slug

I’d 1st make a list based on availability alone. Once that’s complete, the economy can become fluid based on the demand. But that needs central trading system and doesn’t work with direct PvP trading. Well, it would work if each player is independent trader and their Plundra is the place where to store the stock (central trading system) but that would result in different pricing with different traders.

When it comes to the weapon trade, i, personally, have donated most of the weapons to other players rather than trading them. Some players don’t like donations and with them, i’ve traded.

For example: if i find a 5* weapon in-game, i usually keep it until i have fully upgraded it with 5* attachments and full stack of ammo. Once the weapon is ready, i join random MP game, play a bit, look what weapons host is using and then offer my donation to him/her.
I’d rather give the fully upgraded weapon to someone who can use it, than dropping it on the ground to despawn it.

I also like to make “new player gifts” for new players (under lvl10) which consists of:
5* Möller
5* Möller mag
5* silencer
200x .32 Möller FMJ

In my time, i’ve given away more than 10x such new player gifts. :blush: I’ve made quite a bit of friends by my knowledge about GZ, by my experience dealing with machines and by my donations to other players.

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So what prevents scamming? player x drops item for y, y picks it up and leaves.

Only solution if someone is middleman (who can be trusted). But it still leaves possibility for scamming, until middleman has proven loyalty to all and gains reputation as reliable.

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