Traders and Their Contents

Hi me and a few friends recently came together and decided we would vote on the best idea that we came up with and the winner was Traders the Traders could be placed any where around the map or randomly generated but the features of the traders would vary on your level so like LvL 5 - 10 would be 1 crown weapons and 2 Crown weapons and attachments then LvL 15 - 20 would be 2 Crown and 3 Crown weapons and attachments then LvL 25 - 31 would be 4 Crown and 5 Crown weapons and attachments and you’d have to do quest maybe to unlock experimental weapons to buy at the traders and at these trader you could also buy Gadgets, First Aid, Ammo, Etc I would really love to see this come to the game


That’s not Destiny or WoW or something else.
There are also too many ways to get weapons, attachments and items right now that it’s just not needed. Additionally it wouldn’t fit into the setting of the game.

Just my opinion.


Yeah I get where your coming from but it would be a nice feature for new players and if they were to add a lot more guns and attachments it’s just an idea really

It would be better to do with trading resources like steel for lead. Gives people the chance to get stuff thats harder to find while getting rid of excess in a constructive way.

But also would not easily fit as there is only a few places where it actually makes sense. One of those places being ringfort.

On Generation zero wiki you can see what you get for recycling from each item/weapon.

There are ways to get rare materials… You just need to spend some time. That’s what games usually are for. Spend time.

I spent days farming for thread. I have so much steel i commonly dump 1000 of it alot.
Adhesive rubber plastic same deal dump it alot.
I have alot of resources that i just have obseen amounts of. And i always have issues gathering thread so much so that i spend most my time farming thread.

I once said “thread is the new gold” and can understand.

For some reason I didn’t have so much problems about ressources in the last month. I just use advanced medkits I craft or loot (spetznaz lynx). Every other medkits I loot, directly go into my recycling station.

I haven’t looted thread for many weeks now and I really wonder why, but it seems that my strategy isn’t as bad.

Wow i am impressed i can’t aford advanced medkits because of how many i can loot and how much thread they cost for hp they recover.
Here i am running around with standard medkits

the situation is more of a war and in a war you dont really go around selling stuff to people, and there is not enough people for a trader system to work, most humans are in a faction and there i think most things are shared.