Trading Menues not Capitalism

Hello everybody,

I am GhostMJohn, some of you probably know me from gaming or trading. Unfortunately, it happens lately, meaning players think it’s okay to report rights to Xbox Live. Concerns of a week are 4 different due to alleged account policies, etc. because I heard cheating players. In the following cases against those responsible for an investigation into the instigation and murder of the reputation and the performance of the functional function. The reason is that I made some calls to Xbox Group Search for players looking for expenses. I then exchange them for medipacks and adrenaline and influenced them. The problem is that everything can only be experienced on a trust basis. Disagreement I for the new time an update with a function to act actions. So you can perceive the problem. Greetings GhostMJohn

As far as trading goes - it’s good business to trade smaller, less value items with strangers and higher value items with friends whom you trust. Unless you’re willing to cut your losses if trade goes sour.

Though, all trading is based on trust, even in real life. Most of the times, people are honest and you get what was agreed upon. Sometimes, people are dishonest and you get scammed.

In the end, trading is minuscule part of the game since loot is plentiful and it’s relatively easy to replace lost items. It’s not like you have to grind 100 gameplay hours just to get 1 item, as it is in some other games.

It’s just a tiny trade, it’s about the game gaining depth again in the form of role-playing. Supporting trade would help a lot of people. See Xbox Group Search as an example. For example, I would like to help pass the high-quality loot (5 stars or higher) on to other players who are looking for it. The medicine in exchange serves to support other players who want to get rid of loot.

GZ isn’t built around in-game trading for it to be critical part of the game. And like i said above, loot in GZ is plentiful and i don’t see the need for dedicated trade menu within the game.

If devs would have considered trade as critical part of the game, trade menu would have been added to the game from the start. But since we don’t have trade menu, it would be safe to assume that trade isn’t vital part of the game for the devs.

I too have given away plenty of high level gear and other items, including ammunition but almost all of them have been donations since; i don’t need that specific item, i need the space which that item is taking up and rather than me dropping it on the ground to despawn, i’d rather give it to someone who has use of it.

I don’t play GZ on a console, so, i can’t look it as an example.

What i can give in return, for an example, is the trading channel in the official GZ discord channel.
GZ discord invite:

And here in the forums, there is also a small trade topic: Trading Community?

You can set up your own trade network in the Xbox community by listing trusted players and also blacklisting dishonest players. That’s basically all anyone can do at the current moment.

I accept your opinion, but I would like to disagree because this is a sandbox game and secondly does not match the PC. We console players simply have a different caliber against you. Many will want to greet such a menu. It saves us a lot of trouble and Discord is rubbish. Ultimately, it is up to the developer himself. See manufacturing workbench and the like. Greetings GhostMJ

Yes, you are free to disagree with my opinion since i don’t see the need for complex trading system in a game where loot is plentiful and there are only handful of weapons which to trade for.

Though, i do get the issue of getting scammed while trading.
Someone once did try to scam me as well by stating that they didn’t get the item i was supposed to gave to him. It didn’t went well for that person since i saw he picking up the item (6* 12G shotty) and equipping it in the hands, thus showing the weapon in his hands. He did try to talk back at me a bit but once i pointed out that i saw the weapon in his hands, he dropped the act and left.

Perhaps devs do add some kind of trading menu in the game after critical bugs are fixed. In that sense, never say never. :slightly_smiling_face:

With that kind of attitude, i can say that consoles are same and any gaming, any real gaming should be done only on PC.

Consoles are holding back the real potential of GZ since devs have to spend countless of work hours to optimize the game for the old, 2013 tech, rather than putting their efforts towards fixing known bugs and developing new content to the game.

You may not know it but the update for the consoles, including FNIX Rising DLC, which released for PCs in June '20, is pushed to the August '20 for the sheer difficulty of optimizing the content for consoles. Announcement here:

I’m sad to see that devs have to work so hard to make the game work on consoles and all what console players are doing is complaining about the update delays, rather than starting to imagine how hard it actually is to optimize 2019 game on old, 2013 hardware.

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Personally, I am one of those who play the game from the beginning and that with joy. I know many bugs that have existed since the release and personally I see the game as a game preview. I tell everyone I play with. I think it’s good that the developers stay tuned and can constantly feed and maintain content. For example, the Fleetcarrier Update from Elite Dangerous Core. Greetings GhostMJ