Trading Community?



Is there a trading community or anything set up? I missed the opportunity to get the experimental KVM and Ive looked everywhere for a place to maybe trade someone.

Exchange of experimental weapons
Trading Menues not Capitalism
Weapon trading,

For trades, look into #gz-gear-trading channel in official GZ Discord.



What exactly are you interested in? There are several trading communities, but they have different themes. Please clarify your question so that I can help you


looking for someone willing to trade me the exp kvm59, as it is the only weapon i dont have currently. im on ps4, name your price :wink:


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5* and 6* weapons are a myth!
I’ve played GZ for long and short periods since march -19, and I have never found:

5* AG4.
5* AG5.
5* or 6* Kpist.
5* or 6* Pump Shotgun.
5* Sjöqvist Shotgun.
5* or 6* KVM59.
5* Ă„lgstudsare.
5* Möller.
6* Grenade Launcher.

I accept donations… :wink:

Swedish national day event

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If you’re on PC, i can donate 5* Kpist for you.

It also comes with:

  • 5* barrel extension
  • 5* mag extension
  • 3* red dot


I really appreciate the offer. I’m on pc, yes. Sadly, I have so much to do these days, I rarely find time to play. :wink:


When you have time, send me a PM here in the forums, so we can set up the trade. :wink:


can you trade with out ps plus if not i may never get an exp gun :sob:
ok look like i have to wait till i get money to get it.


Do you need PS+ subscription for online/multiplayer gameplay? If you do, then there is no way you can invite/join other people to make a trade.


Looking to give away around 5000 rounds of 7.62mm. I can’t bring myself to just take it out of storage and drop it. Not looking for anything in return. Wouldn’t turn down some SMG 9mm though…


As some players seem to have a need, but rarely get together: Is someone (maybe a mod) willing to act as an intermediary for trading stuff? If someone wants to take the whole kit to trade it with others or has lost his save and wants a head start with decent gear - I’m on Steam (sorry, Xbox/PS guys and gals). This stuff weighs a lot though…

I don’t need anything in return, but I sure could use a 5* Möller PP, a 5* AG4 magazine, and, most of all, a 5* Red Dot Scope. If anyone has a spare of those…

Edit: all gone - thanks, community members!


i had 5000 of 9mm but cant trade and dropped it but i have enough 7.62mm


Hi, I play on PS4, my name is Nikolai Brykez


dont have ps plus sorry (do you what to be friended)


Yes we can play together


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You can have them - I’m not really one to hoard, I just feel bad to throw all that stuff away when others never got exp drops at all…

Edit: Thanks @zappa_lot - got all things I wanted! Traded for exp 12G and exp AG4, so most of the list still available for free.

Edit #2: @NJR87 got the rest - thanks for taking it off my char (and mind).

Have fun with it, guys!


Thanks again! Tonight was a treasure hoard for sure. Right after you gave me your stuff, some super nice guy came by and just dropped an experimental KVM59 at my feet! :star_struck: