Trading Community Thread

Is there a trading community or anything set up? I missed the opportunity to get the experimental KVM and Ive looked everywhere for a place to maybe trade someone.


For trades, look into #gz-gear-trading channel in official GZ Discord.


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looking for someone willing to trade me the exp kvm59, as it is the only weapon i dont have currently. im on ps4, name your price :wink:

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5* and 6* weapons are a myth!
I’ve played GZ for long and short periods since march -19, and I have never found:

5* AG4.
5* AG5.
5* or 6* Kpist.
5* or 6* Pump Shotgun.
5* Sjöqvist Shotgun.
5* or 6* KVM59.
5* Ă„lgstudsare.
5* Möller.
6* Grenade Launcher.

I accept donations… :wink:

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If you’re on PC, i can donate 5* Kpist for you.

It also comes with:

  • 5* barrel extension
  • 5* mag extension
  • 3* red dot

I really appreciate the offer. I’m on pc, yes. Sadly, I have so much to do these days, I rarely find time to play. :wink:

When you have time, send me a PM here in the forums, so we can set up the trade. :wink:

can you trade with out ps plus if not i may never get an exp gun :sob:
ok look like i have to wait till i get money to get it.

Do you need PS+ subscription for online/multiplayer gameplay? If you do, then there is no way you can invite/join other people to make a trade.

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Looking to give away around 5000 rounds of 7.62mm. I can’t bring myself to just take it out of storage and drop it. Not looking for anything in return. Wouldn’t turn down some SMG 9mm though…

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As some players seem to have a need, but rarely get together: Is someone (maybe a mod) willing to act as an intermediary for trading stuff? If someone wants to take the whole kit to trade it with others or has lost his save and wants a head start with decent gear - I’m on Steam (sorry, Xbox/PS guys and gals). This stuff weighs a lot though…

I don’t need anything in return, but I sure could use a 5* Möller PP, a 5* AG4 magazine, and, most of all, a 5* Red Dot Scope. If anyone has a spare of those…

Edit: all gone - thanks, community members!

i had 5000 of 9mm but cant trade and dropped it but i have enough 7.62mm

Hi, I play on PS4, my name is Nikolai Brykez

dont have ps plus sorry (do you what to be friended)

Yes we can play together

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You can have them - I’m not really one to hoard, I just feel bad to throw all that stuff away when others never got exp drops at all…

Edit: Thanks @zappa_lot - got all things I wanted! Traded for exp 12G and exp AG4, so most of the list still available for free.

Edit #2: @NJR87 got the rest - thanks for taking it off my char (and mind).

Have fun with it, guys!

Thanks again! Tonight was a treasure hoard for sure. Right after you gave me your stuff, some super nice guy came by and just dropped an experimental KVM59 at my feet! :star_struck:

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That’s one I didn’t get yet - was farming during the event, got dupes, but that one eluded me. No matter - something to look forward to when they start the next round.

I mainly stick to my trusty AI 76 and exp PVG 90 anyways - they work best in my kill-and-get-killed playstyle :cold_face: