Two Fnix tanks here dunno what to do

I really don’t know what to do here, I got two fnix tanks here and my best gun is a Worn AG4

Avoid them. Sneak past. Return when you got better gear. Or if you got lots of ammo or a melee weapon, and want a challenge, go for it.

I just said “F*** it” and went for it, got two 5* weapons easily, luckily my 1* Rocket launcher had ammo. Surprised that I got them.

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Glad you got them! Challenges like this are so fun when you’re a new player. I remember being in similar situations. :slightly_smiling_face:

But are you saying you took out 2 FNIX Tanks and found a 5* weapon on both of them?? Jeez, that is one lucky strike! :grin:

…now just wait until you meet a group of 4 Tanks, 2 Harvesters and 15-20 Hunters, all Apocalypse class! :wink:

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They weren’t apoc but Ialready have, I even recordedit

Wich platform are you on? I am on PS4, i can help you out with some 4 ☆ weapons or higher if you want.
One Tip! Make them chase you to a nearby town where you have more cover.
Dont forget to use alarm decoys from seekers to lure them!

I’m on PS4, but I don’t have PS+, I would love to play with you though.

With it, i conclude the question answered and close the topic to avoid any further off-topic replies.

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