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I didn’t even play the game during any of the events when those guns were up for grabs, so now I consider myself extremely lucky! :blush: I hope you get one of them soon. It’s an absolute beast of a weapon! :+1:

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That’s a real nice offer - and considering the AI issue - 5* would be welcome to any starting player.

I’d also recommend you drop this in the discord PC community trading thread. I’m sure someone may have something they can help you with.

Anyone on x box got an AG 4 extended mag to spare? I have an experimental AG 4 and I haven’t found an extended mag for it whitch sucks because my ammo has built up and now my ammo takes up half my invent which I hate hey devs can we have like a split in half thing for ammo? It takes forever trying to slide the bar along

Edit: Message me On Xbox if you want to trade it for something my username is ObsoleteRelic76 or you can contact me here

? what would anyone want for it?

I’ve got a spare you can have, you have been messaged

cool thank you! would you like anything from me?

No, just drop me a message if you see me online and i’ll sort you out

Thanks a bunch dude!

Hello!! Does anyone have the Experimental Pvg 90? I change it for Experimental Klaucke 17, for Experimental Grg m / 49 or for Experimental 12G Pump-Action!!! Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Join the Generation Zero Discord. There is a channel dedicated to gear trading there.

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How do people trade loot?

they just friend eachother, and hop in a game and drop the stuff. be wary. this method is not 100% safe. so people might try to scam. this is unlikely as i have traded with randoms before, and it worked out.

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From Best / Favorite weapon list topic:

Argh, I gave away two the last time I was online, had I known that you were in dire need… Are you on PC? Just in case…

Oh nooo! :joy:
Yes, I’m on PC. :wink:

And @Aesyle, I’ll gladly give you a 5* LMG silencer for a 5* KVM 59 magazine. I have at least one, maybe two. But I don’t use it. :blush:

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Trade has concluded. :smile:

Yep, the mag works like a charm. :blush::+1:
Now I’ll continue my endless hunt for the 5* Älgstudsare and the 5* KVM 59. :smile: