Trophies/Achievements are not popping?

Now I know this is a new launch and I’m having all the same issues as everyone else here in the forums it seems, but when is help coming??

I absolutely love the game and I think you all have done something here in creating this, but when I can’t get my trophies/achievements, it really is the breaking point for me as I’m an avid trophy hunter.

Please we need a patch quickly here, or I feel you are putting the nail in your own games coffin.

And FYI Forum chats…MAJORITY of these fixes needed ARE VERY EASY to fix. So why the silence from DEVS etc?

Certainly has me worried and feeling scammed a bit, but I love playing the game and still try to do so, but trophies are a must for my gameplay enjoyment.

There was a discussion (below link) about the lack of communication, and we summarized what we did find from posts. To summarize further -

Basically they are reading lots of feedback, listing what must be done, prioritizing the list, and programming (one dev admitted to lack of feedback and apologized for this). The plan I heard on Discord from a moderator is a large patch will occur in early April, but not much info on what this will include.

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