Trophies ps4 they are not working

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Just myself or in multiplayer 
``` same of the trophies arent poping up like the "say hello to my little friend" ive killed 15 tanks and still have not got it

I’m on PS4 and got all trophies except the apparel trophy whitch is currently unobtainable. Some of my trophies I did’nt deserve when I got them like the marksman trophy and a few others so there is serious issues with the trophies in this game but they are obtainable.

Hey Balla_Jazzuz, I got the “apparel trophy” just fine, however, I couldn’t obtain the “find 5 bunkers” trophy although I have found all bunkers on the map. There are still some serious issues with the trophies on PS4.

Hey Argamae, got the Fashionista trophy at last after the august update :blush:
Haven’t played for a while but did you find some of the bunkers before the august update? If so thats why you can’t achieve it.
On my son’s account we have the same issue…

The trophies for destroying specific machines did not pop at the amount mentioned. But they did unlock for me eventually.

That might very well have been the case. I’ll see if the October update will fix things.

Nope - the October update didn’t fix this. I still cannot get the “tunnel rat” trophy and bunker “Uttern” still does not show the bunker symbol on the map. Since this is the last trophy I need to obtain Platinum it really, really irks me. :roll_eyes:

Know the feeling, so close but yet so far :confused:
Had to wait about 5 months to get the Fashionista trophy and the platinum…

Yeah the Tunnel Rat trophy is bugged for me as well. I am a trophy hunter as well so I feel your pain xD I would like to see them add more trophies overtime.

Yeah the Tunnel Rat trophy is bugged for me as well. I am a trophy hunter as well so I feel your pain xD I would like to see them add more trophies overtime.

Well, crap. I heard the Fashionista trophy had been glitched, so I waited to get the game since I, too, am a trophy hunter. I got it last night and I’ve enjoyed it and decided to read up on it during some down time at work. I hope I don’t get the Tunnel Rat glitch. I don’t think I’ve found 5 bunkers yet, though. Any way of knowing how many you’ve found? (Other than I guess going to the map and counting them).

Yeah There are 6 main story bunkers and then there are certain locations called beredskapsförråd which are also classified as bunkers on their own. I have discovered them all but yet to have the trophy pop. MIght have another go when going for the trophy related to leveling up the 2nd character (Postgraduate trophy).

What version did you start playing with? Maybe that has something to do with it? This save started with 1.11, which I assume is the October patch.

I’m pretty confident that I haven’t seen five bunkers yet. I’ll be sure to report back whenever I have if the trophy popped or not.

Yeah it might be because of that. I started playing after the august update. I cant remember which verision in particular. My first trophy was earned september 19.

Hello everyone :wave: @Mimecrime @Argamae

To unlock “Tunnel Rat” you need to discover five specific bunkers.

  • MĂĄrden Bunker (Forest region)
  • Skvadern Bunker (Marshlands region)
  • Vesslan Bunker (Archipelago region)
  • Sorken Bunker (Farmlands region)
  • Minken Bunker (Southcoast region)

IF you have discovered these bunkers and still not gotten the trophy/achievement let me know. Also, If you are not getting the trophy/achievement despite having discovered these five bunkers, I would be interested in knowing if you discovered any of the five bunkers as client in multiplayer session.

IF you are a PC player who is not getting “Tunnel Rat” to unlock I would also be interested in your save file. DM me if you would be up for sending a copy your save file to me! Thanks :pray:

@SR_knivspark I’m on Xbox One. All of the five bunkers you mentioned are shown on my map. But Tunnel Rat achievement is still locked at 0%.

Other achievements still locked for me even thogh I finished the campaign: Explorer 0%, Kill Switch 0%, Go-Getter 0%. (I completed Kill Switch Challenge already.)

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I discovered all of the bunkers on the PS4 whilst playing singleplayer (Might have unlocked one during multiplayer,but I dont belive I did). But If that was the case then I was the host and everything else saved like it should.

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Hi Avalance_knivspark,

thanks for tuning in. I play on PS4 Pro and have discovered all the bunkers on the map, amongst them are the five that you have mentioned. What I have noticed is that the bunker symbol for bunker “Uttern” does not show on the map. In any case I have discovered them. Trophy does not pop.
Now, I cannot tell if I discovered one or more of them in a co-op session. It could have been as far as I know. Sorry.

Any help? Thanks.

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@SR_knivspark Just wanted to let you know that the trophy (Tunnel rat) popped for me and is fixed after the latest patch. The antarctic jacket bug is also fixed. Just to confirm it for you guys. Tack sĂĄ mycket<3


Jep. I second that. “Tunnel Rat” works now.

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