Trouble loading weapon, extra mag attachment

Platform: PC

Description: I put some FMJ in my Automatgevär 5 but it spits it back out into my inventory, it was the only ammo type for that weapon at the time so I used an Ammo box to get more, gave me AP and it went straight into the weapon no problem. still could not move the FMJ into it. when I looked at the attachments I had 2 AG 5 extended mags, I removed them and they both went into my inventory but adding one back on made the other disappear. I dropped the weapon and after picking it up I could properly load the FMJ into it but the AP was gone and I can not reattach an IR Vision Processor that was previously attached.

Steps To Reproduce:

Images / Videos:
video only shows the ammo not going in part. did not get to record the rest

Host or Client: host

Players in your game: me

Specifications:CPU Intel Core i7-9700k
Winows 10
64 bit