Truth challenges are not counting correctly

So I was just doing all the challenges to 100% this game. The Truth challenges told me i had some side missions to do. These challenges of course are main and side missions in a region. For this bug I will be using the Archipelago region. This is not the only region i am having this problem but it is the first. So this is what it shows.

It show i have one mission left to do. Unless you can skip main missions this means it is a side mission. Now for example how it is supposed to work My friend has all the Truth challenges done. Now to complete 18 main and side missions. each dot is 6 missions. 6X3=18. Now this is also weird. It says you need 18 missions done for the challenge. But my friend has completed 17 missions,(he triple counted), Including the intro mission. So he is one short but has the challenge done. I have the exact same amount of missions done, and am one short. Pics below:

My friends screen:20200704233927_1

The Archipelago missions he has completed,(including the intro mission)

I have completed all these missions as well. We have triple counted. This thing is also happening to other regions in theses challenges

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If i see it correctly, you/he is missing “shooting practice” side mission.
Search the area Mörtnäs for a gun.

Oh great! Where exactly is that place?

Mission starts at: 2330, 2985. You need to pick up small metal tin can.

Okay. Thanks! I was really confused on how i missed some of these missions

With it, is your issue solved and does it turn out that game does work as intended?

Yeah it appears so. Though my friend counted and never said this one. So it is probably working as intended.

Thank you. With that, i added appropriate tag and this topic is also concluded (solved). With it, i’ll also close this topic.


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