Try And Decode This :)




It is the bottom of a building of, the bottom of a mountain. The mountain is 64 miles high.


I have decoded it >> it was a random keyboard frustration attack , i understand , feel your pain if i had a keyboard i prob would of done same (Ps4 to type) :rofl:


Nah it does actually say something (and it wasn’t a frustration attack :joy:)


But I did leave a clue


Well my thoughts on Generation Zero is, I cant wait until the bugs are fixed. Its the only game in recent history that I feel compelled to play at all times. I however cant play at the moment.

I bought the Division 2 to hold me over until this game is fixed. Its deffinatly not doing its job. The first thing I noticed was how absolutly small that the Division 2 is.

The future of this game could be huge if done correctly. It already has an awesome DayZ survival feel about it.

There is enough space on the map that the entire community could spread out and make a little place of their own. I cant wait to see what they have in store for us.


Did you just know what it was or did you use my clue?


I tried several iterations first to decode. I knew it was base something. Its a common fake “encryption” that is used in game config files to hide options and or code. Its the only way to modify some games locked down video options or audio options when playing. So I started with octal and made it up to 64.




Oh god no! The Division is so horrible lol. I bought and got to the end game of the first very unhappily. I knew the 2nd would be garbage also and when I downloaded the beta I only played 20 minutes before I deleted it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: just a late dlc add-on that they split into a second game and charged full price for!