Trying to Find Binoculars

Hi everyone. I made the mistake of getting rid of my binoculars a few days ago and have been unable to find any since. Is there any way to find these again in the game? BTW, loving the game. The robots can be absolutely terrifying!

I know there’s a pair at Saltvallen IP, near Salthamn. It’s possible they respawn, check there. There’s also a pair at the starter safehouse.

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Thanks Xerz. I will check there to see if they respawn.

There is one at Iboholmen Castle, but do not worry, there are many spread out .

I had the issue that the binos in the starter house spawned only for my main. The western lighthouse, Hisingafyren, has been reliable in producing binos for me, don’t know whether you’ve unlocked that yet.

I found some at Saltvallen IP. Thanks again everyone for the help.


dumb question, I’m sure… but… are there higher magnification binos? Having trouble ensuring I’m outside the 300+m range for the challenges while nixing bots. lol

No there aren’t, but you might see the distance to a machine in tech view if you have the skill “spotting intel” which would make it easier to complete your challenges!

Well, I did’t use the techview to complete this challenges. I just used the map. I searched a place from which I should have been able to see some machines far away, went there and used a map-marker to see the distance to a possible target.

The highest range I reached for now are 402 meters to destroy an apocalypse runner.

Eastern of Himfjäll :