Trying to find other players content is to hard at the moment

Hi, I am new to the game really starting to enjoy to game but I am finding the content a little hard at the moment maybe I just suck at this game. I was thinking it may be easier playing with others. so where do I find players to join I am only level 4 and stuck at Salthamn Port trying to take down the big robot there but find I use all my ammo and medkits just to survive and still die.

I play on PC but I use a controller I don’t do mouse and keyboard is this where my problem is should I buy the game on Xbox or PS4 this really should not matter.

Can I re-farm ammo and medkits from places I have been it seems once I loot the town nothing will respawn in the containers even if a wait 24 hours so I am stuck in the one place with no ammo no medkits getting a little frustrating at the moment
Any help would be great.

Sorry if this topic was not meant for the General Discussion thread.


I`m on the ps4 so i cant be your backup :confused: , you can re_farm ammo and supplies yes they take a few hours to appear again at the same places, you are stuck at the salthamn naval base is that it?

Hi Mr_A1992 Well yes i am stuck at salthamn naval base but just finding all the content at the moment is a little hard. its taken me 20+ hours to get this far can only find WORN Weapons did i miss something.

I can play with you and get you past those hurdles or at least help out. I have the same name bcatrek on steam you can look for me there. :slight_smile:

PS. I play with XBOX controller on PC as well and beat the whole game that way. The game difficulty is the same regardless of platform.

Hi bcatrek will send you a invite on steam tonight mate just at work at the moment. i am in Australia

Just curious, why not mouse and keyboard?

I’m not him and he may have other reasons, for me personally the difference between keyboard/mouse and controller is the difference between Battlefield V and GenZero. Or the difference between Battlefront II and Mass Effect or No Man’s Sky.

In some games you need to be quick and precise, and need keyboard/mouse against the sweatlords, however in other games (games where you predominantly play against AI and not other people), you can afford a little imprecision without harming overall gameplay.

What originally drove me to change was that it was more comfortable for my hands, plus I could lean back and put my feet up while playing in my chair or sofa (which is just so much more comfortable imo).

The only downside I’m finding right now is that inventory management in GenZero becomes more tedious - much more tedious. But so far that’s been a price I’ve been willing to pay for the added comfort during gameplay.

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Interesting , for me controllers work better with games that require precision aiming like shooters or open world game.


Thank you, everybody, for your help I found out what my problems are it seems I run my gaming computer on a big screen tv, not a computer monitor. so it seems tv screens don’t have very good refresh rates. and will also give you a real bad blur look about the game. Hence the problem of seeing and aiming down sights

So I purchased the game on PS4 all the problems have now gone I can see the dogs clear.
can one-shot the tanks on the back now. what had taken me 20 hours on pc has taken 3 hours on PS4.
really starting to enjoy the game a lot.