TUNNEL RAT wont complete

I’ve reported this bug by ticket but devs says they can’t reproduce it so it must not exist. They just chose to close ticket instead.

I’m attaching screen shots that show i’ve completed all bunkers in the main warboard mission. I’m attaching screenshot of the achievement still being locked.

Lost and Found is still glitched so the main mission achievement is also still locked but I guess they plan to fix that in a month or so. :roll_eyes:

Highly annoyed at their response to this.

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Just because they can’t reproduce the bug doesn’t mean that they’re ignoring it. It’s quite possible they’ve got enough on their plate already to work out before prioritising achievements. Lost and Found for example was reported just before December, and seeing as there wasn’t an update that month due to the holidays we’re probably seeing a bigger update towards the end of January.

They’ve stated before when asked about it; they’d rather focus on single monthly updates rather than small incremental ones because that works better for them in the long run. Unless of course it’s something critical, where a hotfix is usually deployed.

Can you edit your post, and make a full Bug Report about this issue? Just so we get all the details.

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I’ve already made a full report about it. I opened a ticket and my response from devs was they can’t reproduce it and are closing the ticket. I said this in my post.

All games have glitches. It’s how they are handled that matters. It’s NOT ok for an achievement to be glitched. Besides the one that Lost and Found is holding up, this is the only one I dont have.

I want something more than “sorry, we can’t reproduce it”. I want to hear that they recognize and are doing what it takes to fix it.

If you’re going to post the issue on the forums It helps to make a proper report with the template I linked, providing all the details you can about the issue so it can be looked at. I can make sure it ends up where it needs to, if necessary.

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@MiZDove hey buddy I know you already made a bug report on it but please do one here with the format they put up because it will help us all out. This forum community is a whole bunch of really helpful and knowledgeable people. This is your next best bet to get the issue resolved is posting all your info here. We’re the solution, let’s not become the problem instead. :wink:

Oh I understand what you’re saying now. Yes, I already did make a formal post here in that format.

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Alright, I found it. Didn’t know you had posted it before, I’ll send it along and see if we can’t get an update on the status of fixing the issue.

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