Turning one of the islands into a 18-hole golf course

turning one of the islands into a 18-hole golf course, also a golf club for a melee weapon, golf cart for a vehicle, :grinning: , just a thought

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Really :rofl: How long have you been playing this game? :joy:

Golf is boring :yawning_face: Why not a Wild West amusement park? Like High Chaparral south of Jönkjöping :cowboy_hat_face:? Went there with Annika (the girl in the yellow T-shirt). Great fun. You’ll find the most amazing things in Sweden.

(You’ll even find an Astrid Lindgren park in Annika’s home village).

some parts of the farmlands already look like a golf course, big open spaces

Naw i dont think thats what we need. A golfclub whould be to weak.

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