TV's should broadcast some messages

I think TV’s should broadcast some messages sporadically in different areas.

With Resistance, FNIX and especially Russian faction could have a broadcast to surprise player when looting an otherwise empty house. Just some static images and music or a voice message.

It would be fun.


That could be really interesting, I think that would add to the faction tensions already brewing ! I was thinking maybe something like the Russian ghost radio stations, coded random bursts!


Maybe random radio broadcasts, like in Wasteland 2… people asking for help, a minister preaching the end of the world, or just music… serve well to show that the world is alive.


Most tv’s used to have a test screen showing. But I think they removed them in order to make the game flow better. Because all small things will effect the grafic performance in game. And it’s been slowing down when there has been a lot going on. At least on Ps4. So I think the tv’s are blank now because of that. But a good idea it is and I like it.

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But fnix stopped all transmissions. That’s why we have to conquer the base on the mountain which we have to defend later (homebase).

Maybe after the mission when the homebase is available, then could be some kind of broadcast on some tv’s.

That would be cool.

Yes like @Terrorrobot said there is a broadcast with a test screen so there is transmission, just not anyone able to tap into the transmission feed. Local broadcast stations is also an alternative but the TV cameras back then were huge to get live video and those would be hard to come by. Transmitting static images like a computer composite signal and voice/music would probably feel more realistic from the Resistance anyway.

On the other hand these robots have vision modules so modifying a captured robots vision system for live feed could work out storywise too.

I think that audio could do a lot to improve the atmosphere. TV’s sending pre-recorded emergency broadcasts. Radios in people’s homes playing the same LP single over and over.
An idea I proposed a long time ago was to give the game environment a “Folkets Park” where music’s echoing through the woods.

Loud music through the woods wouldn’t work since robots react to sound too. Only very low sound level confined to a closed space in a house would be possible so that when you open the door where the TV is the robots outside will engage in combat hearing the sound and shocking the player. Most TV’s are turned off and will not attract any robots. In bunkers sound level could be normal with no robots around.

There was a mission on FMTEL to destroy a number of TV sets, something players would really want to do if there was sound coming from it :slight_smile:

Why would it not work? You follow the sound to it source and discover a massacre. Perhaps the noise is distracting said enemies.

@Hogge even small radios are used as lures to attract robots and a boombox have even larger area of attraction. Destroyd sound equipment is what I imagined would happen when robots came to “Folkets Park”.

I found this place yesterday that look like a local TV broadcast station! :slight_smile:

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Cool place isn’t it , I love these little random places , there are more :v:

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It’s Veronika’s hide-out.


Yeah, I found out later when I played through the story. I didn’t know at the time otherwise I would have marked it as a spoiler. It’s a cool setup and it really fits into the idea of broadcast stations.