Two questions about the experimental shotgun

Can it destroy components ?
I tried it out today against a military hunter, focused the gun, and the hunter went down before the gun fell off.

Is the damage of the flechette explosion affected by Explosives Expert?

For your first Q Yes anything can destroy components just a shottie is more a spread damage i woul d advise for a component buster the PVG with the perk that stops gun waver the second one i would say unlikely

Ill also chip in that the birdshots rounds are best as they hold the best range. Bucks are good, closer proximity houses / residential, slugs…well pointless either way.

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Slugs are powerful, but we are not used to using a shotgun as a single point device like a handgun. So the tiny little crosshair circle gets lost in the sea of our thinking of “just aim in the general direction and spray.”

Im not sure, but i think you never tried slugs in the experimental shotgun.
Slugs work great in any other shotgun, but the exp shottie just goes boom with little to no result when loaded with slugs, it seems as if they explode right out of the barrel…

Hello, The best choice for the Experimental Shotgun is birdshot ammo. I had yesterday nigth a fight with ahuge pack of hunters and i gave them sour. 6 shots with the Ex Shotie and a military hunter is down. The little bullets in the birdshot behave as flechetes and eplode on the surface of the robot. You can’t knock off single components of the bot becaus you spray him with the bullets. The ammo are different in the shutrange. Slugs work in the Ex shotie on a very short distance approx 5 m , the buckshot a little more like 10 m, birdshot around 25 meters. Look on youtube for the Experimentals shotgung, there where more explanantion.

Where as in real life, if you land a Slug at 5m away - there’s not mush gonna be left

Different ammo range of the 6* 12G shotty is:
5m - slug
20m - buck
50m - bird

Besides birdshot, i’ve also found good use for buckshot, especially when firing at harv at close range since individual flechettes of buckshot deal more damage than when using birdshot and still damage several harv components at once.

Yes, as it´s been said, birdshot ammo is the way to go, and if the current tanks and harvesters weapons are brought back to normal, using the experimental shotgun with birdshot ammo against them is very useful, you can break their missile attack, they will stop for some seconds after each successful shot as they regain stability, but it´s better against harvesters, use it only against tanks at short range or with cover.