Tyloveden control point indestructible FNIX base bug

Started playing the game well after the mission ‘Good News’ was removed, and merged/moved into ‘Building Blocks’

The Tyloveden control point is initially able to be taken by the player since it’s empty, and even if FNIX initially sets up shop there, it can be cleared out, but subsequent FNIX bases there will be completely impossible to destroy - no mission objective ever appears to destroy the shield generators; they can be destroyed, BUT the shield on the mainframe computer still remains in place. As a result, it is effectively impossible to ever kick FNIX out of this particular point, even if you decide to level the place with 100 frag grenades.

I’ve tried fast travelling away, and even letting the base upgrade its defenses, or restarting the game, all to no avail. I’ve noticed that when it was neutral, the icon for the point disappeared randomly and never came back. Once FNIX has taken it however the usual FNIX base icon appears as expected.

Definitely having the same issue. Running on PC.

Others are mentioning it on steam also.

It seems that once you’ve passed the point where you can build bases, Tyloveden won’t work for you.