U.S. weapon farming


I’ve been farming for the U.S. weapons since they were available on console so like a month and all I’ve been able to get is the n9 with the mag and a n16 mag not sure what the best way to farm for it is ive avoided killing level 4 finx and apo harvesters and tanks since I just feel like I’d get a experimental out of it instead of a 5 crown anyone got any tips


The machines to loot for US weapons / attachments;

Hunter: N9 / N9 ext mag
Harv: N16 / N16 ext mag
Tank: N60 / N60 ext mag

Proto: 1c / 2c
Military: 2c / 3c
FNIX: 4c / 5c
Apocalypse: 5c / Experimental / Clothing

Also, it seems Rivals have a chance to spawn items outside of their normal loot. But as they have a much larger loot pool I’m not sure how likely you are to get them.


FYI, all the 4* attachments I’ve found so far (4 or 5 in total), have been dropped by Military class machines. At least I was pretty sure they were up until a second ago. Reading this made me doubt myself… :slight_smile:

I have only found one 5* US weapon yet, the N16. That one I got from a lvl. 4 Apoc Harvester rival.
A few months ago, I got the 5* KVM 59 from a lvl. 4 Apoc Tank rival.
So rivals do indeed drop 5* weapons, not just 6*. :slight_smile:


N9 5C from a random Apoc Hunter in Himfjall last night


Since early January when I purchased the U.S. weapon pack I have played every day for between 5 and 8 hours. I daren’t think how many machines have been dispatched during that time but they have been on all areas, levels, types and rivals. In the first two days the only items I gained above the level3 were an N9 and mag at level 4 and a level 5 N60 mag. Nothing since then despite getting numerous level 6 and almost a complete set of level 5 weapons.
I’m going to give the game a break for a while until hopefully the next update fixes the drop rate for U.S. weapons as it’s currently pointless.


Is the US weapons pack worth the money?


For less than 3 bucks? Yes.

However, do note that U.S weapons aren’t any better than current vanilla weapons. Instead they are well balanced and give you more variety to the vanilla weapons.


Yes it is worth it.
The N60 is as good if not even better than the KVM59.
The N9 is very fun to use.
The N16 is not any better than the AG5.


Thanks!!! I don’t what to spend money on something I am not going to use/enjoy. I will keep your guys’ words in mind when I ever come up with a few bucks. Lol!!!