U.S. Weapons Pack 3 Idea

It would have the most classic American weapons in this pack, the M1911 .45, M1897 Trench Gun Shotgun 12 gauge, Thompson/Tommy Gun .45, finally the Springfield Sniper Rifle .30/06. I don’t want to see another rifle from these idea’s that use 7.62, IDC what people say. It’s just annoying there’s too many gun’s in the game that use 7.62.

Also I like when I give good weapon ideas they should add into the game. People cry about it saying we don’t need more weapons like this or we don’t need more ammo types. Get over it you cry babies, there just suggestions and ideas. It doesn’t mean they will add them into the game. It just means theres a chance they might add them.

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more gun traders also :rofl: with a personality


Yet you want to add an additional two ammunition types into the game?

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No more ammo types please, and those weapons are mostly horrible or we already have clones of them, we have enough pistols, we need automatic shotguns with larger magazines, not more “Normal” shotguns.
Our rifles have a low damage per bullet effect and you want to put the springfield to be as useful as the ones we already have (not very useful).

I will never understand why people like so much ww2 weapons that would not be very effective today, only the MG42 would be able to do damage to the machines, we have better weapons ingame.


Well, I once killed a tank just for fun with a moller.
So I guess ww2 weapons would work, too, but…

Although it’s nice to play with them in a WW2 Shooter, I wouldn’t want to have them in GZ.
It wouldn’t make much sense to have them on a swedish Island.

That, a Desert Eagle like semiautomatic pistol with high caliber, and maybe a smg, ar and a sniper rifle (high caliber, antitank) that are differently to play than the current ones, but quite effective. Just good alternatives.

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Bruh most gun’s in the game use 7.62 that’s why I want new ammo types. I made a post of how there’s only 3 weapons in the game that use 5.56 the AM 5, KVG 89, and N16. I gave a list of 10 - 15 assasult rifles and battle rifles they could add to the game that use 5.56. You can check out the post I made like a few months ago.

Bruh, I already did a post of automatic shotguns. You can say their not good weapon choices even though they are. I think game’s now a day’s, developers need to add old weapons in their games. Finally, the M1911 would be great in this game, because the M1911 is the most iconic and one of the most best pistols in history. Also I made a post last week saying they should add the USAU 12 auto shotgun into the game if you want to check it out.