Unable to buy Toy Car lure

Howdy y’all! Im trying to get this toy care lure but it wont let me. I tried unistalling dlc and then reinstalling but not working. Please help

Romans 10:9, Kenny

Seeing as it has a lock icon, it appears you down own the corresponding DLC to unlock it. That line if of items are all part os the Tactical Equipment Pack 2.


Ohh, so its separate dlc? Thats lame i bought the ultimate package thingy hoping it came with everything

Yeah, for some odd reason the 2 latest DLCs that get released are never added to the Ultimate Edition for purchase in it immediately it always takes another 2 after the first one for the first to get added.

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Yes, these bundles aren’t updated automatically with each new DLC.

I don’t know what exactly is the reason for not adding the newest ones to these bundles, but in general the reason is, that the newest DLCs shouldn’t get into discounted bundles or single discounts too early.

Keep in mind: If you buy bundles always take a look what’s inside.

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Thank y’all so much! I bought it. The hacked tick is probally my favorite next to the portable homing system.