Unable to Complete Base Assault Missions

PC, Steam

Unable to complete Base Assault, as the FNIX Command Center’s remains invulnerable. The shield doesn’t disable and also its HP bar doesn’t remain on screen (see 3rd screenshot from my 5th attempt below). This never occurred before the Feb patch, but has now occurred in every Base Assault attempt, with the exception of 1 (whereby the shield was disabled after 1 of my friends left the game. No idea why). Even if you leave and allow the base to eventually re-establishes itself with new generators, destroying them also has no affect won’t on the shield.

As a side note, I’ve noticed that there is also a problem with the base assault component of the new mission, Building Blocks. In my case, the Sjoglimten Control Point was neutralised either prior to Feb’s patch or prior to the Building Blocks mission, but either way the site now only includes 2 generators and nothing else, rendering the mission incompletable as there’s no FNIX Command Center to destroy. Not sure if there’s a link between regular Base Assault missions and the Building Blocks mission, but I’ve added it here in case it’s more substantial (link to that bug).

Steps To Reproduce:
Destroy all generators associated with Base Assault mission. It must be noted that in almost every attempt, all of the spawning stations were destroyed prior to the destruction of the final generator.

Images / Videos:
Attempt 1:

Attempt 2:

Attempt 3:

Attempt 4:

Attempt 5:

In this screenshot you can see that in the top-left corner the FNIX Command Center’s HP bar appears momentarily when the last generator is destroyed or when the player returns to the control point’s boundary, but it then immediately fades away:

Attempt 6:

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Players in your game:
Solo and multiplayer (max 2 additional players)

Windows 10, Intel i7-2600K, 8GB RAM, NVidia GTX 1070

I may have completely (or partially) solved my problem! I’ve experienced this issue with Base Assault ever since the Feb update landed. It seems that the mere inclusion of the Building Blocks mission had soft-locked any attempt to complete virtually any Base Assault at any control point. This is how I resolved it:

  1. Start Building Blocks mission

  2. Complete all objectives up to the point where you reach the old barn and oversee the FNIX base at the Sjoglimten Control Point
    (since I had neutralised this point prior to the Feb update, no base or units appeared - only 2 generators. See bug report here)

  1. Destroy all generators

  2. At this point the next objective is to destroy the non-existent FNIX Command Center, which obviously can’t be done. However, now that both generators have been destroyed you’re now able to successfully complete a base assault on any other FNIX captured control point. Destroying the FNIX Command Center also counts towards the Building Blocks objective and unlocks the next mission objective.

You can see here that I was able to successfully destroy the Sundby Camping Control Point (finally!)

And that’s it! Hopefully that helps anyone stuck in the same pickle and that the devs smooth this one out in the next update.

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my problem is that it was a quite new save file so i didn’t/don’t have any other bases to assault…

Here’s a little more info on my scenario:

I routinely backup my save files in case they get corrupted from a crash or I need to revert to an earlier point. When I noticed the Building Blocks mission was soft-locked after the game spawned only 2 generators and no FNIX Command Center, I reverted to an earlier save at a point after initiating Building Blocks, but before reaching the barn objectives, in the hopes that I could complete it at a later time (i.e. after a patch).
Even though I kept some distance from the Sjoglimten Control Point, so as to not cause the base to spawn, I suspect in some way those 2 generators were still being counted by the game as “existing”, causing issues with any other Base Assault. This might even occur by just initiating the Building Blocks mission, but I can’t say for sure.

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