Unable to complete “Make Some Noise”


So the Mission broke after I hit the sirens at the lighthouse @ Tarnboda skans.

This happened a few days ago so let’s see if I can recall what happened…
Lit some papers in a trash bin, was told to go press a button at a lighthouse. Yeah probably not helpful huh?

I normally play with Stealth markers off, POI icons off and help,hints and any kind of marker I can turn off, off.

I’ve been running around for the past two days, looking all over for anything I missed. Every inch of the hotel, the town’s nearby.

The marker outside the hotel shows up on the map, nothing when outside the hotel. No one to kill, nothing to see. All help, hint, mission markers ON.

So someone want to let me know the next step? Can I force the mission to continue by standing on a mission trigger? Anything…

Player notes:
Absolutely beautiful DLC, very cool. Yes I’m stuck on a main story mission but overall the dlc is very well done. Looking forward to what’s to come, hopefully more bug fixes, and the sneaky bits of “oh that’s new”

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