Unable to connect to multiplayer with friends

Platform: Xbox one
Description: The game is crashing every time me and another friend are in the same game. For some reason I am unable to connect to 4 people at the same time and what’s stranger is that the game won’t crash with certain combinations of friends expect when a fourth joins it all crashes. Idk how to fix.
Steps to reproduce: Have a friend invite you to a game or you yourself host and wait for a few seconds then the game will say “Unable to connect”. (Even if your hosting you will crash to menu).
Host or client: Any out of the four friends.
Players in your game: Max of 3 before 4 joins and all crashes.
Specifications: Xbox one S

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I have this same problem, but only with certain friends, i haven’t played this game since November. And he is the main one i game with, glad im not the only one with this problem!