Unable to Craft Field Radio

Xbox Series X. Pretty straightforward issue. I have all the necessary materials to craft a field radio but the craft button is unresponsive. Thanks for looking into this!

Do you have the necessary items needed in your inventory when you craft? :thinking:

Yep. Made sure at one point to have a bunch of needed materials to no avail. It’s the strangest thing. Gotta be a bug.

Inventory (backpack), not plundra/recycling station.

Could you provide screenshots of the crafting station (field radio selected) and your inventory (needed ressources seeable) ?

I can do that when home from work a little later. If it helps, I can confirm that the materials have been in my backpack, not in plundra or recycling station.

Ok, checked it by myself now, but worked correctly:

You need a car-battery and a radio to craft a field radio. I had none of them in my inventory.

So I crafted one of each.

After that I went again to the crafting station and crafted a field radio.

Yes, so strange because I do have those items in my backpack. I have enough to make several radios. The craft button just fails to operate when pressed.

Just to be sure, because I don’t see you mention it, but do you have the schematics needed to craft.

Thanks for checking. Yes, I do have the schematic. When I get home from work, I’m going to try one thing I don’t think I have yet, which is crafting the needed items and using them to craft a field radio, rather than using a radio and car battery EMP that I’ve found in the wild. Maybe that will make a difference. It might be like the task in the very beginning of the game where you have to craft a bandage from the items specifically in Therese’s (I hope I’m remembering her name) backpack rather than textile and adhesive you’ve found elsewhere. Trying to do it any other way won’t work.

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If I don’t forget it, I’ll counter check your first way.

It worked! That’s the trick. I appreciate your help generating conversation that led us up to this point. Thank you!

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