Unable to join the discord

the discord requires phone verification, but when I put my number in it says it’s invalid, idk why. it’s not a landline or anything that would affect that,is there a way to fix this

Did you enter your phonenumber of your mobile including country-code?

I’ve done a bit of reading on this. Seems there are many people who have accounts or are new who have had serious issues with the phone verification. I am a fan of 2FA but my level of trust with Discord is minimal. Banks…yes. Discord…no. Maybe I’m overreacting but no interest in doxxing.


I feel the same. Additionally, I don’t really like the discord chat form, but since the the phone obligation, I can’t even read the discord anymore, accept for the private discord group of GZ-gamers.

Is there any way to lift a ban from the discord server ? I got infected by a virus or something like that. the virus spammed all the servers i have joined and i got banned from them. Now that i have cleaned out all virus i want to join the awesome server again. Who do i contact to ask if they can lift the ban.

I dont know if this is the right place to ask for this but i give it a try.

DM @SR_Carni, he can help you.

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