Unable to play multiplayer with friend - "Failure To Join - Host Is No Longer Present" error message shown

I just used another internet (NAT 3) and everything works nicely. I used NAT 2 before.

The NAT Type describes the quality and security of the network your device is connected to.

It can’t be selected. It’s a classification that your network gets depending on how your device is connected to the internet (LAN/WLAN, required ports opened in firewall or not,…).

The best NAT Type for online gaming with pc or console always is NAT type 2.

If you see NAT type 3, this indicates that your router is not set up optimally. You have to open the corresponding ports so that the necessary data packets can pass through the router/firewall without restrictions.

With NAT type 3 you should not be able to host any game. There could be other problems as well due to the existing restrictions.

I have two internet operators at home. One NAT2 and the other NAT3. NAT2 throws my girlfriend out every 20 minutes, NAT3, hosts and we play normally. Only voice chat doesn’t work on PS4, but we’re sitting next to it. :joy:

My guess is this is with steam more that the Gen Zero game. Just lost connection while playing co-op and steam is also offline at the same time.

Im able to join my bro at the game but the bots turn invisible and drop no loot 4 me might that be cuz we play on the same network and have to adjust the ip ports like 4 playng destiny ill try it c if it works it might also fix some other issues that people may or may not have yet annyway the game is epic so keep up the good work i hope ull find the solution the the problems soon

Platform: PS5

Error/Bug: Connection to host timed out

Reproduction: invite/try joining

A friend of me and i started playing when the game was in PS+. I bought almost every DLC, he did too but not this runner dlc. Turned out it kicked me out of multiplayer every 2-5mins - resolving: both dlc or none. I i resetted my runner to “factory” and it worked flawlessly.

Today another friend tried to join us. We cant join each other at all. Every time it says “connection to host timeout”. The funny part is that we both can join another friend but we cant see us. We dont see us in game, not in “Teams” not anywhere at all. But i can drop stuff for him. Mobs added by him are completely unvisible for me and they dont inflict any damage - in my game. For him i die every couple seconds. I can see when he opens a door, a container or something but everything else isnt “there”. It sounds kind of funny but its really annoying.

This is the first game in many years of multiplayer games that i experienced something like this.

We even tried the port method but nothing worked at all. Other games work without any problems (he has Type 3 and i have type 2). Even regular voice party chat does work normally.

Dies anyone have/had the same problem and any solution for it?

It’s a known issue since the companion update and the Team is working hard to deliver a fix with the next regular update.

Multiplayer currently has sync issues for everyone, especially regarding bases, enemies and the companion. This often leads into crashes or desync timeouts. Try not to use companions and bases in multiplayer until it’s fixed, then it should work fine in general.