Unable to Play Online Multi-Player

Prior to the new update coming out 8/02/2022 myself and my boyfriend played this game everyday. We both downloaded the update together and tried to play however it will not allow us to join together online and says we are running different versions of the game but we both downloaded v 1.26 but on main menu it says v2.26 something and on his it’s a different v number. We both deleted and re downloaded it it still doesn’t work

I’m from the Uk and he’s Canadian I’m not sure it makes any difference etc but

We play on PS4 together… does anyone else have this issue now or can fix this?

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This game is broken, and on PS4 there is nothing you can do. Until the developers fix there oopsie.

This game is broken on PC. Can’t platy for more than 5 minutes. Then it crashes with 0 error reports.

Damn this was our favourite game too i hope they fix it soon

I don’t know if you can do it on PS4 but we (GF and I on PC) found that if one of us starts our game, open to anyone to join, then the other can join from friend list. It shows friends who are in game and gives option to join their game. Once the other of us is in game we switch the game back to invite only so no one else joins.

Hang in there, the Dev team jumps right onto these types of glitches, so I am sure it won’t be to long for a fix for us all.

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Thank you my friend we will try this tonight and hopefully it works :relaxed: That’s good the devs are on top of things I suppose & yeah hopefully will not be king until we can get back to killing machines haha

One thing I forgot to add is we are both on Steam and that is how we can see our friends that are playing. I don’t know if PS4 has the same thing.

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Thanks, I’m honestly not sure myself lol so will check it out when we’re both online