Unable to reach collectible on roof

Location: (Dyviks Udde Ferry Pier)

709.424, 2233.075
Its sitting on top of a house, im not able to get there, can see the hand to loot it, but im not able to get it.
Is that a bug or a feature? How to get on that filthy little gnome, which is smilling down on me?

you can shoot him down… okay,its wanted to be this way.

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I had the same problem a while ago. I was reluctant to shoot at it, as I feared it might break and I would lose my collectable :smile:

Welcome to the forum, @EllaM92 :handshake:

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Hey @EllaM92,

Welcome to the GZ community! I’m glad you were able to figure out you can shoot the items. I’ll lock the thread since this isn’t a bug :slight_smile:


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