Unable to save game


I’m playing on PS4. I am unable to save my game. I cannot force a save by changing clothes or going to a safehouse. I am not logged into PlayStation Network as another member of my household already has an account and we didn’t want to pay for another. His game saves fine. When will be able to save without logging into PlayStation Network?


Welcome to the forums. That’s a strange issue I’ve not heard of yet I think, the game saves your progress automatically when you move items in your inventory, travel to safehouses, drop weapons on the ground etc. I don’t know if it’s dependant on the PSN, though. Anyone else got any ideas?


I think you need to be logged in to PSN. It doesn’t cost anything. It’s a free account. It’s not the same as PS+


I made an account. Hopefully this time it has saved. I have not noticed a save symbol though. It would be incredibly frustrating if the third time I’ve restarted the game it still didn’t save.


This is from an older post with the same problem. A reply from one of the devs:

" Some users have reported that they can’t save while playing offline, these players all seem to sign in to their PS4 with users never registered to PlayStation Network.

Workaround : Sign up to PlayStation Network (you will need to be online to do this step) and the next time you start the game you should be able to save. After that you can save during online or offline game play."


That did fix it—I didn’t realize PSN and PS+ were different entities.