Unable to start the mission "make a friend"

Platform: Steam

Description: there is no way i can start the mission “make a friend”

Host or Client: I was solo in my world

So when the update came out i was looking forward to do the mission to unlock the companion station. When i fast trave to a safehouse with a comp. station it shows the main mission icon (not on the map though) but when i reach the station the icon disappears and i cant start the mission. There is no letter to pick up as well. The other option is starting it with the warboard in the vesslan bunker. I´ve completed all the missions in the region but after the update i couldnt enter the bunker and the safehouse was gone as well. So right now there is no way for me to do the mission. I also did it in my friends game in multiplayer. Everything worked there but because the mission is only saved by the host i still do not have access to the companion stations in my own game. The mission is also nowhere to find in my mission log.

Go to the ammo loadout building outside Vesslan to begin the mission. Itll be near where you started the Side mission from Vesslan

I cant open the left side of the ammo building, the right side works with picking the lock but it wont let me open the other room with the companion station in it