Unable to Stream Game

I have been trying to stream the game on Mixer from my Xbox1 and I am unable to. Are we not allowed to stream the game? Perhaps its an issue on mixers end…not sure. Any help would be great.

You are allowed to stream the game so it should be an issue on Gen Zero’s end

I got a reply from Mixer which said the game was being blocked on the developers end and that there was nothing mixer could do. I am on Xbox they said however PC is streaming fine fore it and if I wanted to use a capture card that would work. Problem is I don’t have one of those lol. I only stream from my xbox1.

I don’t believe the devs would be blocking it, they have been very encouraging for people to stream the game.

I know that’s why I was shocked I couldn’t stream. I think its a mixer copout honestly. I can’t even find anyone else on mixer streaming the game though to see if its a me problem or not.